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Title Screen


Developer: Genki
Publisher: Tomy
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: November 26, 1993

SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Sound Test

Accelebrid Sound Test.png

At the Tomy logo, hold A + B + X + Y on Controller 2 until the title screen appears. It will be red instead of blue to confirm correct entry. Now press L + R + Start to access the sound test.

Level Select

Do the aforementioned A + B + X + Y code, but now hold one of the following button combinations as the "Attacker or Defender" screen fades out to go to the corresponding level:

Level Code
2 (Tiamat Gorge) R + Start
3 (Railway) Y + Start
4 (Underground) X + Start
5 (Climbing Cheesering Tower) B + Start
6 (Inside Cheesering Tower) A + Start