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Algodoo (Windows, Mac OS X)

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Also known as: Phun
Developer: Algoryx
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released internationally: August 31, 2009

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Algodoo, or Phun, is now a free 2D physics sandbox game.

Developer Message

Geometry     ->   Shape? Surface?   (sv: Figur? Form?)
Polygon      ->   Freeform? (sv: Friform?)
Context menu ->   ?

Phunlet      -> Prefab?  Scenelet?

From Claude:
Collision    -> Contact
Help         -> "Help me!"
Play/Pause   -> Split. "Play" / "Pause"
Other things read "Pull this button for ... "  instead of
"Pan the viewpoint" for instance.
The "rewind" button reads "Undo sim start", but it's really
a "Researt button" and should have the icon

The «move» and «drag» tools should be represented with a
hand icon as they are on most software.  The drag tool threw
me off many time, and I did not understand why «drag» was
different than «move»  in functionality.

A text file under the name of DEV_Names.txt has this message from Claude.

Unused Graphics

Unused Watermark

Algodoo Watermark.png

A watermark that was once used but got removed due to the game being free.

Old Logos

Picture Filename 2nd Picture Differences
Algodoo oldlogo1.png algodoo.png, algodoo_hq.png & algodoo_watermark_2.png
Algodoo oldlogo2.png algodoo_16px.png
Algodoo Watermark.png Algodoo_Logo.png
Algodoo oldlogo3.png algodoo_16px_ful.png
Algodoo oldlogo4.png algodoo_phun_edition_16px.png
Algodoo oldlogo4 hq.png algodoo_phun_edition_hq.pdn
Algodoo oldlogo5.png algodoo_phun_edition_stacked.png
Algodoo oldlogo6.png algodoo_phun_edition_stacked.pdn Algodoo oldlogo6 2ndversion.png
  • Black rectangle box in the background
Algodoo oldlogo7.png coco.pdn Algodoo oldlogo7 2ndversion.png
  • There is no outline of the water
  • Picture is zoomed in more
  • No coconuts on the tree
  • Coconut is a black box with a yellow arrow inside it
Algodoo oldicon.png icon.bmp
Algodoo oldlogo8.png phun.png
Algodoo oldlogo9.png phun_logo_phunland_hd.png
Algodoo oldlogo10.png phun_.png
Algodoo oldlogo11.png phun_16px.png

Old logos that are appropriately located in data/logos/old_logos. The .pdn files have extra layers to them, re-adding them with Paint.NET to the picture has no effect on gameplay.

Battery and Wire



A battery and wire that were originally going to be used, but were buggy and hard to make.

Developer Console

Algodoo DevConsole.png

Press F10 or Ctrl + F10 to open the console.