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Alone in the Dark 2 (DOS)

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Title Screen

Alone in the Dark 2

Developer: Infogrames
Publisher: Infogrames
Platform: DOS
Released in US: September 25, 1994
Released in EU: 1994

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Alone in the Dark 2 is - surprisingly - the sequel to Alone in the Dark, starring Edward Carnby once again as a detective - but what happened to Emily anyway?

Unused Models

To do:
At least LISTBODY has a few more models which are possibly unused, but they should be checked first.

Female Santa Claus Costume

Model #540 in LISTBODY

The 540th model in LISTBODY features a female Santa Claus costume instead of the male version which can be found in a collectible bag. There are only two females in this game: Elizabeth Jarret (the wife of main antagonist One-Eyed Jack) and Grace (the abducted and playable child), both never wearing a Santa Claus costume. This might suggest that a female protagonist was originally intended to be playable instead of Edward Carnby, much like it was possible in Alone in the Dark 1 (maybe Emily Hartwood would've made a return).

Unused Text

To do:
There are more lines in the game's translation file which seem unused (for example, the mention of a "schoolbag" and several sentences apparently coming from Carnby which he never seems to say), but the whole game has to be played thoroughly to be sure.

Inventory Full

Since the save file reserves only a limited amount of items to have in the inventory, the game possibly has code triggering a text message when the inventory is full, telling the player he cannot carry more. However, this message is never seen in-game, as there are not enough items collectable at once to actually fill up an inventory completely.

To do:
This is the text message found in the GERMAN translation file (meaning "You cannot carry more"). Get the message from an English game.
@10:Mehr können Sie nicht tragen

Debug Mode

The translation file contains several lines mentioning debug mode related text (these were not translated into other localizations of the game):

@5:Manip Debug
@6:Manip Debug 2
@60:Debug Map
@61:Obj Infos
@62:Life Trace
@63:Obj ZV
@64:World ZVs
@65:Frame Speed
@66:Active List
@67:System Infos
@68:World Infos
@69:Vars List
@70:Move Objects

There are more strings found in the executable AITD2.EXE:

Informations Debug