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Title Screen


Developer: Ion Storm
Publishers: Eidos Interactive (US/EU), Infogrames (AU)
Platform: Windows
Released in US: June 27, 2001
Released in EU: June 29, 2001
Released in AU: June 30, 2001

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Anachronox is a science-fiction RPG with gameplay reminiscent of Final Fantasy VII and Chrono Trigger. Plagued by a long development cycle and a story seemingly too ambitious for one game (it ends on a major cliffhanger), the game sold very poorly, despite high praise from critics.

Debug Menu


A debug menu can be accessed in-game by opening the console and inputting the line "invoke 1:86". The console can be enabled by editing the Default.CFG file in the CONFIGS folder.

View/Edit Player Stats

This menu allows you to change the HP, level, and skill of any character in your party.

View/Edit Inventory

This menu allows you to add any item to your inventory.

Edit Party/Money

This menu allows you to change the characters in your party, as well as adjust the number of credits you have.

View/Edit Battle Weapons / Skills

This menu allows you to add or change the skills your party has. You can also add any battle weapons to your inventory from this screen.

Find Location / Goto Location

This menu allows you to go to any XYZ co-ordinate you input.

Random Game Names

This menu opens a window with randomly-generated names of supposed video games belonging to "Mintendo".

Unused Maps


This map was not originally released with the game - instead, it was introduced along with a couple of other maps in a .rar folder titled Anachrodox: a joint effort by the Anachronox team to create a database about how the game works for modders interested in modding the game. However, unlike the other maps in the .rar, pretty much all of the entities in this map do not work, making it near useless for modders.

This map is in the Steam and GoG releases because these releases include the unofficial v1.02 Build 46 Patch, which included the level for some reason. It appears even more broken in these releases because it's missing textures that were only in the Anachrodox .rar file. The map is named after Joey Liaw, one of the programmers who worked on Anachronox and contributed to Anachrodox.


This map contains nothing but a rectangular room with a hatch in the middle.

Unused Graphics

Unused Items

  • Bracers of IDDQD - The shadow knows
  • Shadow Bracers - The shadow protects you...

Both of these items can only be gotten using the debug menu. They make the character that equips them invulnerable.

  • Protective Gloves - Let you pick up sharp or dangerous things

These gloves had something to do with the BugBox according to item.GDB, but were never implemented fully. Might have been intended to be required to obtain 'dangerous' bugs.