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Arthur's Birthday

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Title Screen

Arthur's Birthday

Developer: Brøderbund
Publishers: Brøderbund, Random House
Platforms: Mac OS Classic, Windows
Released in US: 1994

Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Arthur's Birthday is another Living Books adaptation, this time following the popular aardvark in an animated role 2 years before the TV show of the same name. Arthur invites his friends to his birthday party, as he does so, he finds out there's a scheduling conflict as Muffy's birthday is on the exact same day as Arthur as Arthurs friends now have to choose between Arthur and Muffy's Birthday.

Revisional Differences

The game had a minor revision after the partnership with Random House came into play, and is the far more commonly-seen version. Internally, the first version is v1.0 and the second is v1.1.

Main Menu Interface

The original main menu interface on the v1.0 has 2 language options English and Spanish. The later v1.1 only has English with Spanish option removed and now has 2 bonus minigames Mystery, and Pin the Tail and Arthur is much scaled much smaller.

v1.0 v1.1
Arthurs birthday pc 3.png Arthurs birthday pc 2.png