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Avoid the Noid (DOS)

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Title Screen

Avoid the Noid

Developer: California Merchandising Concepts
Publisher: ShareData
Platform: DOS
Released in US: 1989

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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One of the only two games based on the Noid.

Hidden Command Arguments

Enter one of the following arguments after noid on the DOS command prompt (i.e. noid syzygy).


When this argument is entered, a number of cheat keys can be pressed during gameplay.

Key(s) Effect
Alt + K Extra key + 100 points
Alt + N Extra Noid avoider
Alt + M Extra Life
T Super Fast Speed
F Lose A Life
C Pause the game and remove all animating objects from the screen.
Esc Pause the game. Press Esc again to resume
or press any other key to advance frame-by-frame.
0 to 9 Set the game speed.
These can be used along with the T key.


Tests the joystick.


This shows the status of memory usage and video status while the game is running.

Delay value after calibration = %d

TDT fade value after calibration = %d

Video status = %u

Before everything has been initialized and allocated
the amount of memory left is %lu bytes

After everything has been initialized and allocated
the amount of memory left is %lu bytes


Prints this string on the command line:

AVOID THE NOID -- Version 1.0

(Source: S&F Prod.)

Hidden Author Credit

0x128B8 in noid.exe contains a modification date of a file.

Filename: 'NOIDSND '
Last modified: 09-05-89  19:26:07
Written by: Scott Schryver