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Bangai-O Spirits/Regional Differences

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This is a sub-page of Bangai-O Spirits.

Like with Astro Boy: Omega Factor, Treasure made several additions and refinements to Bangai-O Spirits for its international release.


  • In the Japanese version, all 160 stages are grouped together in a single list. For the international release, the stages were completely rearranged and split into three categories: Treasure's Best, Puzzle Stages, and Other Stages.
  • A spinning reticule was added over target objects to make them easily identifiable without having to look at the map screen.
  • Explosion damage was significantly reduced, making Mines and such less lethal.


  • During the "Stage Clear!" screen, a short sequence was added with Bangai-O blasting off toward the screen like in the original games.
Japan International
BangaiOSpirits-MapScreen-JP.png BangaiOSpirits-MapScreen-INT.png
  • The map screen was given a visual overhaul. The parts outside the map were changed from solid blue to a light gray with horizontal stripes. The tiled "Bangai-O" logo surrounding the map was redesigned to match the official logo, and the color was changed from teal to purple. The background of the map also stays a dark gray in the Japanese version, while in the international version it changes depending on the color of the background in the stage.

Exclusive Stages

Japan Exclusives

BangaiOSpirits-maegawa4 stg.png
Stage Name スマートボール
Translated Smartball
Stage Number 059
File Name maegawa4_stg.bin

This is the only stage that was removed from the international version. Based on a pachinko machine, the goal is to knock the baseballs out and have them land on the Mines, which explode and destroy the target Buildings.

However, due to the tweaked explosion damage in the international version, the Mines are no longer powerful enough to destroy the Buildings, making the stage unbeatable. This is most likely the reason it was removed. Despite that, the stage's name was still localized (somewhat erroneously) to "Pinball", suggesting it may have been a late omission.

International Exclusives

BangaiOSpirits-yamato stg.png
Stage Name YAMATO
Stage Number Treasure's Best 026
File Name yamato_stg.bin

Based on a map of Japan. A stage with two target Longai-Os, with three more large Longai-Os to potentially be released.

BangaiOSpirits-the earth stg.png
Stage Name The Earth
Stage Number Treasure's Best 027
File Name the_earth_stg.bin

Based on a depiction of, well, the Earth. Six target enemies grouped together, each among the toughest to deal with in the game.

BangaiOSpirits-move the box.png
Stage Name Move the Box
Stage Number Puzzle Stages 005
File Name move_the_box.bin

A pushblock puzzle stage.

BangaiOSpirits-which move.png
Stage Name Which is Moved?
Stage Number Puzzle Stages 006
File Name which_move.bin

Another pushblock puzzle stage.

Stage Name Bullet's Reach
Stage Number Puzzle Stages 007
File Name reach.bin

Yet another pushblock puzzle stage.

BangaiOSpirits-the face stg.png
Stage Name The Face
Stage Number Other Stages 001
File Name the_face_stg.bin

This stage is modeled after the cover art for the Japanese version of the game.

Stage Name Sessyu
Stage Number Other Stages 002
File Name sessyu_stg.bin

"Sessyu" depicts a classic painting by Sesshu Toyo known as "Winter Landscape".

Stage Name Sabu
Stage Number Other Stages 003
File Name sabu.bin

Sabu is a recurring boss character in the original Bangai-O. This stage is modeled after his character portrait in those games.

Modified Stages

These stages were modified in some way for the international release.

Japan International
BangaiOSpirits-dorirubosu stg-JP.png BangaiOSpirits-dorirubosu stg-INT.png
Stage Name
ドリルボス Drill Boss
Stage Number
045 Other Stages 021
File Name

Two more target DrillBosses were added, the four AirMine Spawners on the right-hand side were removed, and the center divider was modified to prevent the player from crossing over.

Japan International
BangaiOSpirits-doukasen stg-JP.png BangaiOSpirits-doukasen stg-INT.png
Stage Name
どうかせん Light My Fuse
Stage Number
131 Puzzle Stages 003
File Name

In this stage, the turret at the beginning fires, igniting the explosive trail lining the walls, which needs to be outran. For the international version, a Bomb was added behind the player, likely to prevent them from destroying the turret before it has a chance to shoot. The turret itself was also changed from an H.Cannon to an H.Laser. Otherwise, the stage layout is identical.

Japan International
BangaiOSpirits-gyoukosuruzouo stg-JP.png BangaiOSpirits-gyoukosuruzouo stg-INT.png
Stage Name
ぎょうこするぞうお Hate Grows
Stage Number
056 Other Stages 040
File Name

The stage was expanded vertically, adding a thick floor and ceiling, likely to prevent the HUD from obscuring the opening at the top. Otherwise, the layout is identical.

Japan International
BangaiOSpirits-maegawa23 stg-JP.png BangaiOSpirits-maegawa23 stg-INT.png
Stage Name
デカッ! Superhuge!
Stage Number
158 Treasure's Best 024
File Name

The destructible wall hiding the first boss was replaced with gates, just like the rest of the bosses. Instead of breaking through the wall to get to the BigBot, you have to destroy the crate to unlock the gate.

Japan International
BangaiOSpirits-nakai22 stg-JP.png BangaiOSpirits-nakai22 stg-INT.png
Stage Name
オトコのこべや Boy's Room
Stage Number
110 Other Stages 068
File Name

The ceiling at the starting point was lowered, possibly to make it easier to shoot the destructible blocks. That's it.

Japan International
BangaiOSpirits-ogino5 stg-JP.png BangaiOSpirits-ogino5 stg-INT.png
Stage Name
きょうのうんせい Horoscope
Stage Number
024 Other Stages 069
File Name

This stage has you choosing a random path in hopes of reaching the target without much trouble. The stage was modified (and slightly expanded horizontally) to accommodate English translations.

Japan International
BangaiOSpirits-ogino6 stg-JP.png BangaiOSpirits-ogino6 stg-INT.png
Map (After)
BangaiOSpirits-ogino6 stg-JP-After.png BangaiOSpirits-ogino6 stg-INT-After.png
Stage Name
うちゅうからのメッセージ Space Message
Stage Number
025 Other Stages 004
File Name

This is a simple stage which has you shoot an explosive trail, which detonates the surrounding blocks until the leftovers form a message. The stage was modified to translate the message from Japanese ("Bangai-O" in katakana) to English.

Edit Mode


  • The Japanese version takes you to the name entry screen after selecting the size of a new stage. The international version skips this and takes you directly to the main edit menu, where you can enter the name of your stage later.


Stages can only hold so many objects, which are denoted using a points system. Most objects only take up 1 point but some take more. Many of the higher point requirements were sharply reduced for the international version, perhaps due to optimizations.

Object JP
Spawner 2 1
Building 2 1
MegaMine 4 1
BigBot 4 1
MGunBoss 12 10
CannBoss 6 1
DrillBoss 8 2
Longai-O 12 2


Three stage backgrounds were added to the international release.

Background Info
BangaiOSpirits-triangle 002 back bg8.png Background 41
A yellow triangle pattern to add to the gray and green ones (#39 and #40). This file is actually included in the Japanese version, but perhaps wasn't used out of error.
BangaiOSpirits-flesh 001 back bg8.png Background 45
A solid flesh-toned background.
BangaiOSpirits-white bg8.png Background 46
A solid white background.


Five stage patterns were added to the international version.

Pattern Info
Pattern 15
A pattern with solid, varied colors. Perhaps useful for making pixel art.
BangaiOSpirits-Pattern16-INT.png Pattern 16
A dark grayscale pattern. Better with light backgrounds.
Pattern 17
A lighter grayscale pattern. Better with dark backgrounds.
BangaiOSpirits-Pattern18-INT.png Pattern 18
A solid black pattern. Best with the solid white background.
Pattern 19
A solid white pattern. Best with the solid black background.