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Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

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Title Screen

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

Also known as: Baten Kaitosu: Owaranai Tsubasa to Ushinawareta Umi (JP)
Developers: Monolith Soft, tri-Crescendo
Publisher: Namco
Platform: GameCube
Released in JP: December 5, 2003
Released in US: November 16, 2004
Released in EU: April 1, 2005
Released in AU: May 19, 2005

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

To do:
more regional difference.source:

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean is a JRPG that takes place a world where continents float in the sky, and items, attacks, and weapons are stored in magnus cards.

Debug Room

This room was added into the game after the Japanese release. It holds various menus designed for testing purposes, such as a map select and an event menu. To enter the room, load any save file with the following AR code enabled:

Version Action Replay code
NA 04248D18 00005000
PAL 04256918 00005000
To do:
Look for unused cutscenes in the event menu.

Regional Differences

  • In the PAL version, the event menu in the debug room has an additional category called "Direct Jumps". Unlike the individual chapter submenus, this one links to many events from all over the game's storyline. It is unknown if there is some special property about these events that warranted an extra section.
  • A lot of magnus cards look very different in the Japanese version. Some of them hold entirely different items, though their effects are the same:
Index # Gathering # International Japanese
572 504 BKEW Magnus 572.png
Shish Kebab (Small)
BKEW JP Magnus 572.png
串だんご (1玉)
573 505 BKEW Magnus 573.png
Shish Kebab (Medium)
BKEW JP Magnus 573.png
串だんご (2玉)
574 506 BKEW Magnus 574.png
Shish Kebab (Large)
BKEW JP Magnus 574.png
串だんご (3玉)
575 507 BKEW Magnus 575.png
Deluxe Shish Kebab
BKEW JP Magnus 575.png
串だんご (4玉)
576 508 BKEW Magnus 576.png
Plain Pastry
BKEW JP Magnus 576.png
577 509 BKEW Magnus 577.png
Jumbo Pastry
BKEW JP Magnus 577.png
578 510 BKEW Magnus 578.png
Deluxe Pastry
BKEW JP Magnus 578.png
579 511 BKEW Magnus 579.png
Shortcake (Small)
BKEW JP Magnus 579.png
580 512 BKEW Magnus 580.png
Shortcake (Large)
BKEW JP Magnus 580.png
581 513 BKEW Magnus 581.png
Deluxe Shortcake
BKEW JP Magnus 581.png
582 514 BKEW Magnus 582.png
Mini Cream Puff
BKEW JP Magnus 582.png
583 515 BKEW Magnus 583.png
Cream Puff
BKEW JP Magnus 583.png
584 516 BKEW Magnus 584.png
Deluxe Cream Puff
BKEW JP Magnus 584.png
585 517 BKEW Magnus 585.png
Deluxe Cookies
BKEW JP Magnus 585.png
586 518 BKEW Magnus 586.png
Deluxe Bonbon
BKEW JP Magnus 586.png
587 519 BKEW Magnus 587.png
Apple Pie (Slice)
BKEW JP Magnus 587.png
588 520 BKEW Magnus 588.png
Apple Pie (Full)
BKEW JP Magnus 588.png
589 521 BKEW Magnus 589.png
Wheat Crackers
BKEW JP Magnus 589.png
590 522 BKEW Magnus 590.png
Fruity Gelatin
BKEW JP Magnus 590.png
623 538 BKEW Magnus 623.png
Beef Stew
BKEW JP Magnus 623.png
795 710 BKEW Magnus 795.png
BKEW JP Magnus 795.png
796 711 BKEW Magnus 796.png
Broken Mattress
BKEW JP Magnus 796.png
807 722 BKEW Magnus 807.png
Jill's Jewelry Box
BKEW JP Magnus 807.png
808 723 BKEW Magnus 808.png
BKEW JP Magnus 808.png
820 735 BKEW Magnus 820.png
John Hancock's Pen
BKEW JP Magnus 820.png
823 738 BKEW Magnus 823.png
BKEW JP Magnus 823.png
913 828 BKEW Magnus 913.png
Strange Brew
BKEW JP Magnus 913.png
929 844 BKEW Magnus 929.png
Karate Headband
BKEW JP Magnus 929.png