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Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure

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Title Screen

Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure

Developer: Rocket Science Games
Publisher: LJN
Platform: NES
Released in US: August 1991

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Run around jumping into random bushes to find statically-placed OoPARTs that can be used to bait misplaced historical figures into going back to their own time in this terrible RNG-fest from Rocket Science (one of only two NES games they developed).

69, DUDES!! *guitar riff*

Unused Objects

Billted somestuff.png

Entering 019B:10 and getting the Historical Bait near the horse in Level 1 will display this otherwise-unused bit of text and give you a set of Historical Bait instead of just one.

Billted stranger.png

Entering 03BC:10 will set the historical figure to "a stranger", who has the appearance of Rufus (intended for Bill instead of Ted). This character cannot be satisfied and will reject all Historical Bait, rendering the level impossible to complete.