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Black 2

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Title Screen

Black 2

Developer: Criterion Games
Platform: Xbox 360

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

This game was stuffed away in a cardboard box and found 30 years later in a garage
This game was never completed and/or given a public release.
As a result of this, keep in mind that the developers might have used or deleted some of the content featured here, had the game actually been released.

Black 2 is the sequel to Criterion's Black, which sadly never saw the light of day.

Except for the two very early tech demo builds that have surfaced, dated 29 June, 2006, and 13 February, 2007. Both builds also use the icon from Burnout Revenge.

It was most likely cancelled due to being too busy developing Burnout 5, meaning there weren't enough resources for developing this game simultaneously. However, in 2011 a spiritual successor of this game was developed by Codemasters Guildford named Bodycount.

29 Jun, 2006 Build

This is a debug enabled build with just the ability to fly or walk around the map, spawn cubes and cars, and play a bit with the very small debug menu.

Internally this build makes no reference to Black 2, instead referring to itself as Next Gen Test, meaning it could've originally started as a remake of Black, similarly to how Burnout Revenge was remastered for the new generation in that same time frame.

  • Starts in freecam mode, can be toggled by pressing BACK.
  • The spawnable red car is an early model of the Hunter Cavalry present in Burnout Paradise.
  • Debug menu can be toggled by pressing START on the 2nd controller or SPACE on a keyboard.
  • Developer console can be toggled by pressing Y on the 2nd controller or ~ on a keyboard.
  • Pressing LEFT or RIGHT on the D-pad when not in freecam mode cycles the color of the 3D crosshair between red, pink, and yellow.

Unused Graphics

13 Feb, 2007 Build

A slightly later build, 7 and a half months after the previous one, and it has some gameplay! This one has a relatively big map, though with almost no textures making it not the most pleasant thing to look at.

  • Technically has 3 levels, but only the 0th one loads, as the other ones' files are missing:
    • Level 0: _WorldTestbed_Level_Unit.bundle
    • Level 1: lackWorldsAsylumInterior.bundle
    • Level 2: BedDataWorldsDimensions3.bundle
  • Has a free camera mode that can be toggled by changing cameras using BACK.
  • Has a debug menu that can be toggled by pressing SPACE on a keyboard.
  • Has a developer console can be toggled by pressing ~ on a keyboard.

Debug Menu

There are significantly more debugging options present in this build compared to the previous one.

Fixed Timestamp

Black2-20070213 TimestampDisplay.png

Normally the game gets the build date from the actual timestamp of the executable, not what's stored in its header, nor the stored timestamp string. However, if the function at 822D0258 returns -1 during startup, it'll default to the fixed string that'll display it as Build Date: 11:06:50 Feb 13 2007.

This can also be bypassed and forced to always display the fixed timestamp by editing the following instruction:

821A4688 60000000