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Blast Corps/Unused Textures

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This is a sub-page of Blast Corps.

To do:
Find all the unused textures for truck4. Also, there are more textures that I haven't seen while playing the game, but I'm not sure if they are unused at all.



This one is the most interesting of all unused graphics as it shows a removed vehicle from the game. Martin Wakeley, the game's lead designer, was phoned during a speedrun by Graviton and he talked about the game's development. He stated, that there was a plan for a different game mode, where the player has to return to a level to rescue all survivors. Due to time constraints, this feature was removed from the game, except for this texture. In the final game, a different looking chopper collects the survivors, while the player clears the path for the Missile Carrier.


This icon is used for the unused Destroy Containers level type which was most likely to be used in Salvage Wharf, but was replaced with a different level type, where the player has to cause as much damage as possible. This icon is assigned to icon ID 0xFA.


It's unknown for what this was meant to be used for. This icon is assigned to icon ID 0xFF.

BC-Tex-HUDFace1.png BC-Tex-HUDFace2.png BC-Tex-HUDFace3.png

Frames of the player's face that...don't look happy at all. May have been used if the player positions the train wrongly.


An early version of the smiley face, that is used when the player stops the train at a station. This one was seen in a demo gameplay of a British game show.

BC-Tex-HUDYes.png BC-Tex-HUDNo.png

It's unknown for what these textures were meant to be used for.



The Pacdozer from the Mars and Pac-Man levels have unused graphics for eyes, serving as a homage to the original Pac-Man. The graphics were intended to be used, however they were removed at the request of Rare's legal team to avoid copyright issues. When a Pacdozer is damaged, the eyes appear, which only appears to be possible with Ballista and Thunderfist, neither of which are available in these levels. A video on this unused behavior can be found here.

BC-Tex-chsta5 1.png

This texture is used by the unused object chsta5 and it can be seen if a building is partially destroyed. It was used in the Shoshinkai 1995 trailer.

BC-Tex-chtrac1 1.png BC-Tex-chtrac1 2.png BC-Tex-chtrac1 3.png BC-Tex-chtrac1 4.png BC-Tex-chtrac1 5.png BC-Tex-chtrac1 7.png BC-Tex-chtrac1 8.png BC-Tex-chtrac1 9.png

This texture is used by the unused object chtrac1.

BC-Tex-chrod1 1.pngBC-Tex-chrod1 2.png BC-Tex-chrod1 3.pngBC-Tex-chrod1 4.png BC-Tex-chrod1 5.png BC-Tex-chrod1 6.png BC-Tex-chrod1 7.png

Alternate textures for the American Dream car, which are more detailed than the used ones. These are used by the unused object chrod1.

BC-Tex-lacar1 4.pngBC-Tex-lacar1 3.png BC-Tex-lacar1 2.pngBC-Tex-lacar1 1.png BC-Tex-lacar1 6.png BC-Tex-lacar1 5.png

Textures for the unused object lacar1. It shows a black car that was meant to appear in Angel City.

BC-Tex-truck4 1.png

An early texture for Backlash that is actually used by the unused object truck4.

BC-Tex-mocran1 1.png BC-Tex-mocran1 2.png BC-Tex-mocran1 3.png BC-Tex-mocran1 4.png BC-Tex-mocran1 5.png BC-Tex-mocran1 6.png BC-Tex-mocran1 7.png BC-Tex-mocran1 8.png

Textures for the unused crane objects mocran1, mocran2 and pacran1.

BC-Tex-docno1 1.png BC-Tex-docno1 2.png BC-Tex-docno1 3.png

Textures for the unused object docno1. These look completely different from the used red containers' textures as these unused ones are significantly darker.

BC-Tex-docng1 1.png BC-Tex-docng1 2.png BC-Tex-docng1 3.png

Textures for the unused object docng1. These look completely different from the used green containers' textures as these unused ones are significantly darker.


BC-Tex-yellowrescue1.png BC-Tex-yellowrescue2.png BC-Tex-yellowrescue3.png

These textures look very similar to those used by the early vehicles seen in the first Shoshinkai trailer from 1995. It might have been used for the chopper, because the first texture has red text which says Rescue.

BC-Tex-redvehicle1.png BC-Tex-redvehicle2.png BC-Tex-redvehicle3.png BC-Tex-redvehicle4.png BC-Tex-redvehicle5.png BC-Tex-redvehicle6.png

These textures look like an early version of the Missile Carrier. It could also be a different vehicle, which was removed from the final game.