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Blinx: The Time Sweeper/Early Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Blinx: The Time Sweeper.

E3 Images


The first ending seemingly went unused in the E3 demo.

These images are used on a leftover screen (ID 0x8D) and were the ones used at E3.

Early Images

These use the same images as those used in the E3 build, however are likely from an earlier version of the game, as they have an early version of the game's logo.

Blinx-EarlyGameOver.png Blinx-EarlyTimeOver.png


This was probably also used at E3.



Blinx-LoadingIcon.png This would've appeared somewhere on the loading screen, possibly next to the "Please wait while loading" text.

Sound Test


Either appeared when loading a sound test or used as the background of one. You can clearly tell they put a lot of care in selecting the image to use for it.

Earliest Shop Graphics

What seem to be the earliest versions of the shop. Two mockups exist, as well as various other menu pieces that might be from a different shop iteration.




Note that Air Boots or anything similar is never mentioned anywhere else.

Other UI elements

Early Shop Graphics

(Probably) The final design for the shop, however everything for items not added later in development, as well as some UI elements, have an earlier version. The filenames are the same as the final, however lack the _us, _jp, etc., that the final ones have.


Early Final
Blinx-Shop-AmmoSectionEarly.png Blinx-Shop-AmmoSectionFinal.png
Blinx-Shop-AbilitySectionEarly.png Blinx-Shop-AbilitySectionFinal.png
Blinx-Shop-SweeperSectionEarly.png Blinx-Shop-SweeperSectionFinal.png


Early Final
Blinx-Shop-RetryEarly.pngBlinx-Shop-RetryHEarly.pngBlinx-Shop-TimeBowlEarly.png Blinx-Shop-RetryFinal.pngBlinx-Shop-RetryHFinal.pngBlinx-Shop-TimeBowlFinal.png


Early Final
Blinx-Shop-BombEarly.pngBlinx-Shop-3BombEarly.pngBlinx-Shop-SpikeEarly.pngBlinx-Shop-3SpikeEarly.png Blinx-Shop-BombFinal.pngBlinx-Shop-3BombFinal.pngBlinx-Shop-SpikeFinal.pngBlinx-Shop-3SpikeFinal.png


Early Final


Early Final
Blinx-Shop-MoneyEarly.png Blinx-Shop-MoneyFinal.png

The earlier actually fits with the rest of the menus better.

Early Final
Blinx-Shop-OrderEarly.png Blinx-Shop-OrderFinal.png

The ability to buy multiple of certain items looks like it wasn't added until later in development.

Early Final
Blinx-Shop-PaidEarly.png Blinx-Shop-PaidFinal.png
Early Final
Blinx-Shop-StatusEarly.png Blinx-Shop-StatusFinal.png

Early Shop Text

There are early versions of the shop text in both Japanese and attempted English. These all have different filenames than the rest of the shop graphics, starting with Shop_ instead of the final i_s_.



Early credits images

Sketches of the images displayed during the staff roll.

Blinx renders

3 unused renders of Blinx. Please note that this isn't his default pose, so the odd pose is most likely intentional.