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Bolo (Dongleware)

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Title Screen


Developer: Dongleware
Publisher: Dongleware
Platforms: DOS, Mac OS Classic
Released in EU: 1995

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

NECKARGEMÜND, GERMANY – Dongleware founder Meinolf Schneider has announced a remake of Bolo, the black & white Atari ST game he helmed in 1987.

Tapped to star is the black marble from the studio's Oxyd franchise. Industry buzz predicts the lead, opposite bricks and a paddle, will be the marble's breakout role.

IOU: One Game

The Mac version wasn't ready to ship when the hybrid CD was mastered, so that side of the disc contains Mac-formatted game data and documentation—plus demos of other products—but no Bolo executable. In its place is an empty folder called Bolo™ (Not available yet!).

The finished Mac app shipped on a floppy disk, which came bundled with the unchanged CD containing its graphics and music.

Per.Oxyd Data

Bolo (Dongleware, Mac OS Classic) - Data B.png

Unlike the Oxyd game it borrowed resources from, Bolo only needed a single "Data" file. This message concerning a second was therefore left untouched in the Mac version's resource fork.