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Bomb Jack (ZX Spectrum)

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Title Screen

Bomb Jack

Developer: Elite Systems
Publisher: Elite Systems
Platform: ZX Spectrum
Released in EU: 1986

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Now you can Bomb Jack at home (in Europe)!

Developer Message

There is a message within the game's BASIC loader, seemingly greeting the viewer and then advising them to buy Prince's album Purple Rain. While it is technically used, it's not really visible as it is white text on a white screen, making it impossible to see without hacking the game.

Hello, How are you, Im fine cause i know that 
the lord is comming, comming soon (God by prince)

......well if you havent heard it before you should 
get it straight away you know the purple rain album 

well get all of them there all brilliant (they sound 
even better on compact disc)

(Source: Equinox)