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Borrowed Time (Apple II)

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Title Screen

Borrowed Time

Developer: Interplay
Publisher: Activision
Platform: Apple II
Released in US: 1985

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
BonusIcon.png This game has hidden bonus content.

In this text adventure set in the 1930s, you'll step into the shoes of a private eye with a simple assignment: Figure out why everyone wants to kill you!

Hidden Message

This can be found in sector 0.

   P L E A S E   D O N ' T
   B R E A K   O R   C O P Y
   T H I S   P R O G R A M   I
   S P E N T   A   L O N G
   T I M E   P E R F E C T I N G
   T H E   P U L L - D O W N
   M E N U   S Y S T E M   A N D
   I   W O U L D   B E
   D I S A P P O I N T E D   I N
   Y O U   I F   Y O U   B R O K E
     T H I S   P R O G R A M

             S I G N E D

         B I L L   H E I N E M A N
       ( 7 1 4 )   6 4 2 - 6 4 4 6

Hidden Screen

On the title screen, type in regrub. This image also appears in Wolfenstein 3D for Macintosh and the 3DO port of Out of This World, which were both coded by the same developer.

Borrowed time hidden image.png

Hidden Ending

At any point in-game, type in burger. The game will immediately end in a manner that appears to be a reference to the aforementioned secret image.

"The sky darkens as a huge axe swings down and lops your head off with one clean sweep."

(Source: 4am)