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Bugs:Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES)

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This page details bugs of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES).

Castle Crush Glitch

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Specifically: This was apparently fixed in the Wii Virtual Console version but not the Wii U Virtual Console version.

Present in the level Castle Crush is an infamous glitch known for its destructive powers. As Diddy, pick up the first DK barrel and hold it against a wall. Hold Down and quickly release and hold Y again to drop the barrel and pick it up. If done correctly, the DK barrel will break and Diddy will appear to be holding nothing. Releasing Y at this point will spawn nearby objects in front of Diddy with glitched properties, like enemies moving faster than they should.

If the player spawns a Rambi barrel, jumping into it can cause any number of things to happen, ranging from simple crashes, to Diddy transforming into other sprites with glitched palettes. It's also possible for the SRAM to be modified (which can result in deleted save files) or corrupted in a way that prevents the game from booting up normally. Should the latter happen, the corrupted SRAM file will have to be deleted. If the game won't boot up, temporarily remove the backup battery from the cartridge until the SRAM clears itself.

Spawning a Rambi barrel can only happen shortly after being given access to the DK barrel (otherwise the spawn becomes overwritten by the nearby Krook enemy). If the player kills the nearby Spiny while it is walking left, nothing will happen if the player throws early, but killing it will allow the player to spawn the Rambi barrel for just a bit longer before the "air" starts to spawn the Krook. Whether Dixie is present, and if Diddy is lost by colliding with the Spiny are also factors to what happens after using the generated Rambi barrel. Dixie's absence also affects the timing of whether the player gets a Rambi barrel or a Krook. Dropping the "air" as one would a normal barrel seems to reset the properties of the object in question, resulting in a normal Rambi barrel, Krook, or whatever.

The "air" can be held onto further up the level, but it is impossible to make it to the Squawks barrel later on without taking a hit or otherwise leaping on an enemy, losing the "air"; there are a few close calls that can be bypassed with save states (an otherwise nearly impossible shaft with a Krook and two Zingers, and a section with three Spinies), but the run-ender finally occurs with a Klampon who by default walks towards a bottleneck as the floor catches up and is impossible to avoid without contact. If the Klampon is bypassed with 7E0E1000 Moonjump, the player STILL can't progress because a Blast Barrel blocks the way; it will erase the "air" if jumped into anyway, ending the glitch run.

If the game doesn't crash initially, it'll probably crash shortly afterwards, especially with Diddy, who doesn't seem to last after transformation. If Dixie takes the barrel, she can become either "Golden Rambi", with a very high glitch jump that gets caught in walls and has a stray Wrinkly frame, or a "Corrupt Dixie" with a bad palette who is carrying Diddy (this latter one is just the Golden Rambi form that has been glitched into Team-Up mode). According to some sources you can get a Klubba/Kudgel form.

Contrary to popular belief, this glitch cannot actually damage the SNES/Super Famicom hardware or game cartridge in any way. A similar glitch occurs in Mudhole Marsh with the BARRALAX cheat enabled, when breaking treasure chests; if the player grabs the resulting DK barrel while it's still in midair, either Kong will "grab air" before the game can erase it; unlike the above glitch, nothing will happen if thrown.

Rickety Race Glitch

In the level Rickity Race, making it to the end of the race in last place and killing second-last place after the final position flag is displayed on the screen causes a variety of graphical glitches and possible crashes. Possibly the game doesn't expect you to change your rank for the first time after the race has been decided and pulls data randomly trying to display the new results flag.

Bypass Screech's Race

In the level Screech's Sprint, Squawks has to race against an evil parrot named Screech. Normally the player would fly under him to start the race, but by flying over him, the trigger that starts the race will be skipped. The level can then be played through without hurry. Upon reaching the end of the level and turning back into Diddy or Dixie, their sprite will rarely and very briefly be using Screech's palette for some reason; often the palette is attributed to the 2-Up Balloon on the goal roulette instead.


Normally the BARRALAX cheat makes things harder by removing the DK Barrels, and respawning both Kongs at the start of any level. However, this doesn't seem to apply to the Boss levels, or in Animal Antics, in which the player spawns with only one Kong if there's only one on the map screen. This is fixed by entering an earlier level beforehand.

Walk Across Sticky Honey

In the hornet nest themed levels, there are floors covered in sticky honey that prevent Diddy and Dixie from walking left or right when stuck to it. However, using the team up move, the kongs can walk across the honey as if it were a normal floor.