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Bugs:Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (Windows)

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This page details bugs of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (Windows).

Walk-thru-walls Glitch

This glitch will allow Jimmy to walk through almost every solid wall or object, as well as walk up any kind of slope no matter how steep it is, even if it looks straight!

To preform the glitch, you must find a fence, or a ledge that Jimmy can 'Hop' over, and anything that can attack Jimmy. The ideal places to do this are in Cindy's backyard, and the very beginning of the first part of the Yolkian Ship at the end game. Position yourself next to the fence, and wait for the enemy to approach you. Just before it attacks you, 'Hop' the fence, but immediately press the shrink key (Enter or left control), and Jimmy will appear to be frozen in his shrinking pose while the camera moves up. If the enemy attacks you in this state, you should show your hurt animation, and slide through the fence. After that, you should be able to walk through any wall and walk up any slope until you quit the game!