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Bugs:Pokémon Gold and Silver

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This page details bugs of Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Pokémon Gold and Silver has some major bugs and some minor ones.

Bug-Catching Contest Data Copy Glitch

Gold JP Silver JP


Using fly or teleport, glitchy and unstable Pokemon data is generated. Video Proof

Coin Case

Gold US Silver US


A collection of glitches, allowing at least one of the effects.


Listening to a Pokemon's Cry and then using Coin Case directly afterwards.


There are so many.

Glitch Dimension

The game enters a alternative coloured style, because the game is tricked into thinking its in GB Mode. There is a fully coloured Ho-Oh on the title screen of Pokemon Gold. Video Proof Another alternative is where the sprites are a dark shade and the background is white. Video Proof

Arbitrary Code Execution

Execute unused data like the Unused Memory Game or run a custom setup.

Cerulean Gym Water Glitch

Gold JP Silver JP Gold US Silver US


The water in the gym has encounter data.