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Bugs:Pokémon Gold and Silver

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This page details bugs of Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Pokémon Gold and Silver have some major bugs and some minor ones.

Bug-Catching Contest Data Copy Glitch

Gold JP Silver JP

Using Fly or Teleport, glitchy and unstable Pokémon data is generated (Video Proof).

Coin Case

Gold US Silver US

Listen to a Pokémon's cry, then use the Coin Case directly afterward.


Glitch Dimension

The game enters an alternative colored style due to being tricked into thinking it's in GB Mode. There is a player-colored Ho-Oh on the title screen of Gold (Video Proof).

Another alternative is where the sprites are a dark shade and the background is white (Video Proof).

Arbitrary Code Execution

Execute unused data like the unused Memory Game or run a custom setup.

Cerulean Gym Water Glitch

Gold JP Silver JP Gold US Silver US

The water in the Gym has encounter data.