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Bugs:Rhythm Heaven Megamix

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This page details bugs of Rhythm Heaven Megamix.

To do:
  • Add images and/or videos for the bugs.
  • See if there are more gameplay bugs in-game and document them.

Despite being a Rhythm Heaven game, Megamix has some odd gameplay issues and bugs that haven't been fixed yet after it's release, such as the music being out of sync in a game, and inputs for cues being strangely disabled.

Out Of Sync BGM in Animal Acrobat

If the game is paused multiple times in this Rhythm Game, the music will be out of sync with the audio. This also happens in its sequel, Jungle Gymnast.

Timing Bug

In Big Rock Finish, pausing and quitting the game will cause the Timing to be larger than usual while playing any Rhythm Game, allowing the player to get more easier inputs. It can be canceled by playing Big Rock Finish again and getting past Big Rock Finish C, or by resetting the game.

Bossa Nova Text Bug in Challenge Mode & Perfect Campaign

If you miss a cue in Bossa Nova in a Challenge Mode Course or a Perfect Campaign, the text that appears during gameplay can still be seen, despite the game graphics being covered up by the sliding doors.

Final Remix Input Bug

In Final Remix, if the player inputs a clap in Clap Trap just before the transition to the next game, the player will be unable to perform any cues in the Jungle Gymnast and Karate Man Senior sections until the Super Samurai Slice 2 section.