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Bugs:Shin Megami Tensei II (SNES)

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This page details bugs of Shin Megami Tensei II (SNES).

This is an especially notable bugs page. Shin Megami Tensei II was rushed to release to the result of many, many game bugs; so much so, that a slip of paper was included in the game's original packaging noting common fixes for said bugs!

Okamoto/Game Start Bugs

The developers apparently expected you to fully complete the very beginning section before saving and quitting: If you save and reset at any point beforehand, you will continue the game outside of the Gym, even though Okamoto normally forces you to finish the virtual training before you can leave (and will continue to prevent you from leaving if you re-enter). If you save and reset after finishing the Gym's Virtual Battler, but before leaving, you will skip the part where Okamoto gives you 200 Macca. The money is still obtainable; just go back inside.

In-battle Y-Cancel Bug

The Y button is used to cancel out of menus to the overworld or maze scene quickly. However, if the Y button is pushed in a battle submenu (magic, extra, items, etc.), the game will rapidly cancel forever, effectively soft-hanging the game.

Alignment Lock Bugs

The game will lock the player to Law, Neutral, or Chaos alignment after a certain point, typically by forcing the memory address storing this modifier in such a high amount in one direction the game freezes the player's alignment value forever, preventing certain game choices and dialogue depending on your choices prior.

This has a hole in the logic, as leaving non essential alignment quests unfinished prior to this point can still cause major shifts in player alignment, such as the Arcadia sidequest, which can be left uncompleted until the player wishes to resolve it, and this can cause a Neutral locked player to be shifted to Chaos or Law alignment.

This does not alter the story, which still is set depending on the choices the player made to set their alignment, but it can hamper what demons they can deploy depending on the shift, and short of hacking the value, the value shift is unchangeable.