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Bugs:Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

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This page details bugs of Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64).

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Despawning big Goombas without killing them

   if (obj_handle_attacks(&sGoombaHitbox, GOOMBA_ACT_ATTACKED_MARIO,
                              sGoombaAttackHandlers[o->oGoombaSize & 1])) {

Only works on the triplet Goomba spawner. This piece of code in the goomba behavior file calls a function that returns a value if attacked by Mario. If done so (and it does happen with every attack), the Goomba is marked as dead, so that it will despawn competely when exiting its spawn radius.

Unlike the small and normal-sized Goomba, however, the big Goomba won't be killed by a weak attack like a simple punch. Yet regardless it is marked as dead, and even though it still isn't actually killed, will despawn as soon as the spawn radius is exited and entered again (by getting far away enough, then returning). This can be tested best at the starting point in Tiny Huge Island.

This bug only works with the triplet spawner, as it has its own update function with code for loading and unloading enemies (bhv_goomba_triplet_spawner_update) which explicitly checks if any Goomba is marked as dead, and if so, doesn't spawn that enemy anymore.