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Bugs:Super Mario 64 DS

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This page details bugs of Super Mario 64 DS.

Yoshi Throwing Animation Glitch

To do:
which version(s) is this present in, and which version(s) have the crash?

When the player makes and throws an egg, the game gives Yoshi a dummy (null) item to throw, and game logic seeks the nearest enemy to destroy. In the initial releases of the game, due to an oversight in the way animations take priority, a glitch can be performed using a Spindrift; jump on top of a Spindrift, then throw an egg as soon as you land on its head. Yoshi will stop his throwing animation and go into his spinning animation. Once he lands, Yoshi will be stuck in his "holding/throwing" animation. Pressing the lick/throw button will make Yoshi reset and throw nothing.

Subsequent revisions of the game (tested on the US version) actually made this oversight worse: it somehow manages to eat the game code when performed, leading to graphical glitches, the HUD disappearing and game crashes.