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Bugs:Super Mario Sunshine

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This page details bugs of Super Mario Sunshine.


Game Crash from Breaking a Door in the Prologue

By playing through the game without saving and obtaining the Turbo Nozzle then getting a Game Over and selecting Continue, you'll start with the Turbo Nozzle in the prologue. If you then try to break the doors that are located next to where you first obtain FLUDD, the game will crash as the doors aren't programmed to break during the prologue.

(Source: BeaverThingify)

Game Crash from Spraying Graffiti and Obtaining a Shine Sprite at the Same Time

The cutscene that occurs when one of the graffitis that spawn blue coins at their partner graffiti can cause the game to crash (or softlock) if you collect a Shine Sprite during the cutscene.

(Source: BeaverThingify)

Game Crash from Collecting a Shine Sprite During "Timer Storage"

Using a glitch known as "Timer Storage", we can store the Box House's end time dialogue. With this glitch being executed while obtaining a Shine Sprite, the "Shine Get!" camera function will not be able to execute as it's being overwritten by the end time Pianta dialogue camera function. This causes the camera to freeze, leaving no end cutscene event (save/continue) to trigger, therefore softlocking the game.

(Source: Inkstar)

Acquire the Turbo Hovernozzle Out of Water

By using the same technique to get the Turbo Nozzle into the airstrip early, you can get the Turbo Hovernozzle, which is normally only supposed to be obtainable in Noki Bay underwater.

(Source: BeaverThingify)

Floatin' Stu

A rare and minor bug that randomly occurs when spraying Strollin' Stus against a wall. On occassion, the Strollin' Stu won't entirely die upon impact against the wall, but rather their Y coordinate will reset at impact height and they'll continue to act as usual, however the Stu is no longer able to harm Mario, nor can Mario harm the Stu.

(Source: Inkstar)

Pokey Juice Glitch

If Yoshi sprays a Pokey before it pops out of the ground, a Juice Block will appear without actually defeating the enemy. The Pokey's flower will still appear on the ground and the Pokey will still be at his flower, but the Pokey is completely invisible at this point. If Mario jumps on the invisible Pokey, the Juice Block, flower, and invisible Pokey will disappear as this defeats the Pokey.

(Source: Inkstar)