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Cabal (Amiga)

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Title Screen


Developer: Ocean France
Publisher: Ocean
Platform: Amiga
Released in EU: 1989

SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

A 1989 port of TAD's arcade game.

Uncompiled Code

This code can be found between 895C0 and 897FF.

ve.. 0(a0),   
;D0=y D1=x..
lea .     bitplane0,   a1..
;adresse de l'ecran .
move ..    d0,   d1..
;calculer pos y..
asl..    #2,   d0..
add..    d1,   d0..
asl..    #3,   d0.
add ..    d0,   a1..
asr ..    #3,   d2      .
add..    d2,   a1..
;Sortie A1=adr ecran..
;Sauvegarde Le Fond (68000)..
move.l.. 4(a0),   a0..
moveq..    #3,   d6.
..moveq..   #20,   d5..
move.l..    a1,   a2.
move.b.. (a1)+,. (a0)+..
move.b.. (a1)+,. (a0)+..
move.b.. (a1)+,. (a0)+..
move.b.. (a1)+,. (a0)+..
lea.     40-04(A1),   a1

Hidden Dev Message

A French dev message directed toward crackers can be found at CBE90.

Original Translated
celui qui crack Cabal est un ANE...! Whoever cracks Cabal is a FOOL...!

(Source: CodyJarrett)