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Can You Escape 2 (Windows)

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Title Screen

Can You Escape 2

Developer: MobiGrow
Publisher: Trapped
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: October 16, 2015

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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Unused Graphics

Can You Escape 2 (Windows)-LeatherGlove.png

A leather glove can be found in two texture sheets, one contains a transparent version (still unused). This is an image of a Halvarssons Lincoln motorcycle glove that may have been ripped from this website.

Development Text

ReleaseNotes.txt contains a changelog for its advertising engine.

AdRotator V2 Release Notes
Added Smaato support to Windows 8/8.1 / Windows Phone 8.1 and Universal projects
Smaato also now has a NuGet package!

New release that includes support for 8.1 and Universal projects - be sure to check out the updated Readme file
Includes a new build of the Unity Plugin, so be sure to updated it from the GitHub site releases page
Fixes include:
	* Update to House Ad implementation - some class names were not resolved
	* Fixed saving of Remote Ad, on Win 8 / WP8 it just failed to save and cache remote ad
	* Ad's with no DLL's are now added to the failed ads collection, won't retry
	* Fixed bug where settings/ads were only retrieved from project storage

Minor patch fix to resolve an unwanted exception that was raised in the case of a failed or missing provider dll.
Only occurs on devices.

Note, issue found on GoogleAds control. Ensure you unblock the file in the Windows Explorer file properties (not VS), else it will not work correctly.

Updated release to resolve Unity plug-in issues
Additionally the following fixes / requests have been included with this release:
	* AdOrder functionality added - Ads can now be ordered instead of randomly selected, including the ability for an ordered fall back
	* Sliding Ads now start off screen (by user request) - static / non-sliding ads are unaffected
	* Fixed issue on WP where if Ads did not autostart and initialze was used, Ads did not show

For more detailed information on this release check out the latest post on

Initial stable release including a host of fixes from the beta phase.
Now has feature parity with V1 for the following platforms:
	* Windows Phone 7 Silverlight
	* Windows Phone 8 Silverlight
	* Windows 8 XAML
	* Windows 8.1 XAML

**Although it hasn't bee tested extensively yet on Universal projects, there should be no reason it shouldn't work
Feed any issues back to the GitHub page @

Release items

	* All V1 providers for each platform are now fully supported (Note AdDuplex and AdMob implementations updated)
	* Fixed AdMob updated implementation for WP8 (WP7 has now been retired by Google, the control now ceases to function and crashes apps, so we have de-supported it)
	* Supports the new AdMob AdUnit ID format (make sure you update your AdUnits)
	* WP7 platform re-introduced following requests
	* Supports multiple configuration files within projects for multiple ads
	* All static references now removed to allow for multiple use.  Note if you are sharing ads across pages we recommend using a single UserControl.
	* Fixed Issues with AdRefreshRate and IsTest properties
	* AutoStart and Manual start tested thoroughly
	* Now with 20% even MORE random! :D
Known Issues

	* Known issue with AdDuplex miss-reporting failed ads.  Ads still display but reported as failures.  We've raised it with AdDuplex.
	* InMobi seems to function normally but their control keeps throwing errors on all platforms???
Any bugs, issues or questions, please log them on the GitHub Site -
Contributors welcome.

Final Note
If you are using AdRotator and it is helping you to be more profitable, please consider donating to help support further development and support.

The AdRotator Team
Simon Jackson @SimonDarksideJ (
Gergely Orosz @GergelyOrosz (