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Challenge of the Dragon (Sachen)

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Title Screen

Challenge of the Dragon

Also known as: Chinese Kungfu (TW)
Developer: Sachen
Publisher: Sachen
Platform: Unlicensed NES
Released internationally: 1989

Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

This poor side-scrolling beat-em-up should not be confused with the equally poor Color Dreams side-scrolling beat-em-up of the same name.

Revision Differences


Chinese Kungfu Challenge of the Dragon
Chinese Kungfu (Sachen) Intro.png Challenge of the Dragon (Sachen) Intro.png

The intro screen features a lot of seizure-inducing flashing in Chinese Kungfu, which was removed in Challenge of the Dragon. The latter also added a few highlights to the dragon itself. The title also fades in on the former version, while on the latter it appears instantaneously.

Title Screen

Chinese Kungfu Challenge of the Dragon
Chinese Kungfu (Sachen) Title.png Challenge of the Dragon (Sachen) Title.png

Aside from the title change, the Chinese title was removed. The copyright notice was updated, the font for it was changed and the "Sachen" name is now displayed in blue instead of green. Oddly, the character on the right appears to be using an incorrect tile even though this tile was altered between versions.

Gameplay Differences

To do:
Check to see if any other graphic or gameplay alterations exist further in the game.

The game itself appears to be mostly the same, but with one significant difference; in Challenge of the Dragon, holding B and pressing A does a jump kick move. In Chinese Kungfu, this does a different jump move that doesn't affect the enemies at all. The Super Cartridge Version 9 release of Challenge of the Dragon appears to be the same as the stand alone version, but the copyright string has the year removed and the player starts with 5 lives instead of 2.