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Chex Quest

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Title Screen

Chex Quest

Based on: Doom
Developer: Digital Cafe
Publisher: Ralston Foods
Platforms: DOS, Windows
Released internationally: 1996

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

BugsIcon.png This game has a bugs page

You're stranded on hell Bazoik going out of your way to discharge buckshot zorch to the hellspawn Flemoids eventually saving your comrades from a baron of hell Flemoid.

The Ultimate Doom

Ultimate Doom E4M1

While Chex Quest is normally played up to E1M5 (5 levels), it actually shipped with the rest of the levels from The Ultimate Doom dummied out, complete with broken and placeholder texturing. Suffice to say, this made sharing the game highly legally difficult.

Fortunately, the much-belated release of Chex Quest 3 excises these id Software creative works from the IWAD, thus finally giving it a clearer legal status.

Unused Player Sprites

Multiplayer functionality was stripped from the setup program. Consequently, the player sprites are not seen in-game, leaving it unused in the shipped game.

To do:
An alternate IWAD is stuck on the MACINTOS/ directory on the disc, intended to be used with the Mac Ultimate Doom. Is there anything else than this?

Alternate wad on the CD

Alternate wad contains differences:

  • Different demo loop.
  • E1M2 and E1M4 have slightly different start points.
  • E1M4 has a slightly different layout, different decorations, contains 5 fewer enemies and has 2 pickups changed as items.
  • E1M5 has a room where enemies are stacked on top of each other. In here there's another enemy and the wall is a solid wall so you can't access the room. LAZ Device pickup is also missing in a hidden room in the end area.
  • Different item pickup SFX.
  • DooM music in the intermission screen when finishing E1M5.
  • Some more DooM monsters can now be seen in the leftover maps instead of them being invisible.
  • Black ENDOOM.