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Chrono Trigger (SNES)/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Chrono Trigger (SNES).

Overworld Graphics

No dark forests or broken bridges, thanks.

As the tilesets for 1000 AD and 600 AD are merely palette swaps of each other, all the graphics present in one are naturally present within the other, with the appropriate palette applied. However, not all graphics in one era are used in the other.

In 1000 AD, the broken Zenan bridge, rock, mountain path, and dark forest which surrounds Magus and Ozzie's lairs do not appear, although the broken bridge was used in the prototype. The only town that uses the red/orange palette is Medina, and there are no "double houses" present there, although one was present in the prototype.

Bah! Back in my day, we didn't need no ferries!

Likewise, some graphics that are seen in 1000 AD but not in 600 AD. These include all the port/pier tiles used in Truce and Porre, Leene Square, the tombstone, and Medina Square.

Those ones in the game? Those would be considered "in good shape".

The 2300 AD overworld tileset has six dome graphics, only three of which are used. These three, showing considerably more decay than the existing ones, were left out.

The only entertainment they had in the future!

This strange coliseum-like building is also present in the 2300 AD tileset. It's unknown what purpose it would have served, but it does appear on the 2300 AD overworld map in the prototype, albeit without any corresponding maps.

Let's have a prehistoric feast!

A few graphics loaded into VRAM on the 65,000,000 BC world map: a stew pot, some roasting meat, and what appears to be either bones or crystals. They're entirely too large to be viable map graphics, and don't seem to fit in anywhere. They're present in the prototype, as well, but aren't used there either.

Lavos never did appear that year. Shame.

All the world maps feature a small box that pops up when you're idle for a moment, displaying the era you're currently in (or a "?" if you haven't been informed in-game yet). A working one is present for 1999 AD, but as the map is used only in cutscenes (and consequently can't be properly explored), it's never seen.

Interior Graphics

Lots of chests!

Several treasure chests are present in tilesets, but are never seen in-game due to no chests actually being in the respective areas. These consist of the Enhasa/Zeal Palace tileset (the elaborate red chest), the Kajar tileset (the blue palette swap of the first chest), the Zenan Bridge tileset (the ordinary-looking wooden chest), and the tileset for the exterior areas of the Tyrano Lair (the stone-like chest). Note that the Tyrano Lair chests use a guessed palette, as the one applied in the tileset is entirely incorrect.

Switch on. Switch off.

These strange-looking little objects are present in the various cave tilesets. They appear to be some sort of floor switches.

Ladders. You know, for climbing.

It's...a ladder. This graphic is present in the "Castle" tilesets, but is never used. It appears in the Choras Ruins in the prototype, however.

They're made of wood.

The first three of these objects can be found in the 65,000,000 BC jungle tileset, while the last one, a simple palette-shift of the third graphic, is in the "meeting site" tileset. The first two are signs, which would probably have marked mountain/jungle entrances, but wisely ended up being left unused due to the fact that the people of this age most likely hadn't developed written language yet. The latter two graphics appear to be a either a stick of some kind, or a very preliminary version of the same signs. It is also possible that they are perches of some kind, perhaps for a bird.

Character Sprites

That's a new look for you, huh?

Melchior, with an odd grey palette. What purpose, if any, this would have served is unknown.

Whoa! Slow down, Maurice! That's more like it

You never see Belthasar out-of-uniform, much less collapsed in a laughing heap on the floor. Was the party originally intended to meet him in this state?

(Note: The transparency on the collapsed, still sprite is correct.)

Miscellaneous Objects

Like a record, baby!

Some animated spinning coins that don't seem to really fit in anywhere.

Do... Re... Mi...

These note graphics are similar to ones used in the animation of one of Gato's attacks, but not quite identical.

Nightmare Stone

The Dreamstone with an incorrect palette, which is stored separately in the sprite data for some reason. This may have been something else entirely early in development.

What in the...?

Partially-animated brown objects that resemble seed pods more than anything else. These don't seem to fit in anywhere, either.

The gonkulator is malfunctioning.

An engine, the front of a motorcycle sans tire, and an oil can. The prototype had an item called "Bike Parts" (later replaced by the Race Log), which suggests that you were originally supposed to fix up the Jet Bike in Lab 32 before it could be used...and this sequence is likely what these objects were intended for.

Someone call a plumber.

Animated dripping water. Could have been intended for the Guardia prison towers, Heckran's Cave, or quite literally any other dank area.

Yay! Balloons!

Large balloons with, for the most part, broken palettes. Probably intended for scenery in the Millennial Fair, either normally or in the "Moonlight Parade" ending.

Twinkle, twinkle...

Brown, yellow, and purple twinkling lights. A blue-colored light identical to these is used here and there throughout the game, but these three palette swaps are not.

Got a rake?

Assorted falling leaves. Likely animated, although they don't appear to fit together very well. Another graphic that doesn't fit anywhere in particular.

The Pigpen Effect in action!

A small animated trail of dust or smoke. There's not really any particular place this would have fit, other than possibly coming out of the Dragon Tank.

Fish! Fish! Fish!

Small animated fish which likely would've served as decoration in various rivers/streams/lakes.

Filler Graphics

Have a nice day!

A little 8×8 smiley face. A large number of these are loaded into VRAM at various points in the game, but don't serve any other purpose besides padding.

Insert Font Here

Strange "scribbled" text that appears to say "FONTFO", and a pair of ovals are loaded into VRAM while on the world map (doesn't matter which). The "FONTFO" is a simple placeholder for the area name pop-ups, although what purpose the ovals serve, if any, is still unknown. They could possibly be 〇〇 (marumaru), the Japanese placeholder symbol.