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Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games (Wii)/Online Leaderboard

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This is a sub-page of Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games (Wii).

An online leaderboard was mentioned in several Amazon listings, but the idea was seemingly scrapped at the last minute. It's not clear whether it would've used Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or UFO's own online servers.

Assets related to the online leaderboard are still on the disc under LeaderB.arc, though trying to load it into the game will result in a crash due to the ARC file's brlyts calling files that don't exist (Or so we think).

Download.png Download LeaderBoard Brlyts (If you are an expert at brlyts download these and fix them, If you fix them please upload to the TCRF and replace this with the fixed ones)
File: CECPartyGames_LeaderboardBrlyts.zip (10 KB) (info)
To do:
  • Try to fix the brlyts in LeaderB.arc.