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Cooking Mama: Cook Off

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Title Screen

Cooking Mama: Cook Off

Also known as: Cooking Mama: Cooking Competition with Everyone! (JP)
Developer: Office Create
Publishers: Majesco (NA), 505 Games (EU), Taito (JP)
Platform: Wii
Released in JP: February 8, 2007
Released in US: March 20, 2007
Released in EU: May 11, 2007

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Cooking Mama: Cook Off is the first Cooking Mama game to be released on Wii.

Now your Wii can be used to make food!

Unused Graphics

CookingMamaCookOff-Temporary1.png CookingMamaCookOff-Temporary2.png

These say "仮" (Temporary).

Unused Music


STRM_BGM_15.brstm is a remake of the results screen from the DS game. This was originally going to be played on the credits, similar to Cooking Mama World Kitchen, but in the final game it uses the "American kid" theme (STRM_BGM_10.brstm). The file is referenced in the dol.


Developer Text

To do:
Include the rest of the NW4R logs on the dol.

Found in the dol are NW4R (Nintendo Ware For Revolution) logs.

crRevScnProc.cppScnProc:NW4R:Pointer Error
pScnProc(=%p) is not valid pointer.

std::bad_exception  !bad_exception!! !std::exception!!std::bad_exception!!
GCN_Mem_Alloc.c : InitDefaultHeap. No Heap Available
 Metrowerks CW runtime library initializing default heap

Regional Differences

American Friend

Japan & Europe USA
Too bad you won't see this cowgirl in America. Aw, seriously? This guy? He looks like Waldo Jr.!

The female American Friend (who is later named Kate) is replaced in the US version with a boy (who is later named David) with red glasses, a red and white striped shirt, and blue pants.

Russian Friend

Japan & Europe USA
In Soviet Russia, this girl finishes after you. In America, you finish after this boy.

The female Russian Friend (who is later named Natasha) is replaced in the US version with a boy (who is later named Ivan) who wears a tan ushanka, a blue winter coat with tan trim, and tan boots.

German Friend

Japan & Europe USA
CookingMamaCookOff-FriendGermanIconJP.png CookingMamaCookOff-FriendGermanIconUS.png

The female German Friend is replaced in the US version with a boy (who is later named Albert) who wears a black suit over a yellow collared shirt with a red bowtie, and a red pants and black shoes, as well as brown eyes and gray wavy hair. His appearance is similar to Albert Einstein.