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Crash Twinsanity (PlayStation 2, Xbox)/Unused Text

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This is a sub-page of Crash Twinsanity (PlayStation 2, Xbox).

Crash Twinsanity has a bit of unused text.



Many similar strings to this can be found on the disc, and even one of the directory names is "CRASH6". However, Twinsanity is most certainly not the 6th Crash game (that would be The Wrath of Cortex), and even Japan gave this game the subtitle of "Crash Bandicoot 5" in note of it being the 5th console platformer, making the presence of the number 6 rather mysterious.


A textual reference to a 1-Up icon for Coco can be found in CRASH.BD, which fits perfectly in line with a statement by TT Oxford developers SpaceCat and FakeNina, claiming that Coco was originally intended to be playable in certain areas of the game, hacking into Cortex's computer systems and battling Lab Assistant enemies in a manner parodying that of The Matrix:

Coco Bandicoot was originally going to be a playable character. All of her levels were to take place inside Cyberspace, where she used her skills to hack her way through computer systems. When she was in this mode, she wore an all black jump suit, and had a variety of jumping and sommersault kicks at her disposal. The levels themselves looked like a cross between tron and the matrix, and the first of these levels was to be called "Security Insanity" where Coco had to hack into the security system of Cortex's old laboratory/castle from the very first game. The main enemies featured throughout this level were the lab assistants (dressed up to look similair to agents from the matrix). Once Coco had hacked her way into Cortex's old lab, the Airship/Blimp was unlocked, and all 3 characters headed off to the Academy of Evil.

you gotta help me crash!!
they want to dress me in drag!
with pig tails! pig tails dammit!
what did i do to deserve this?
how i envy the simple life of the tribesfolk...
hoog-ga-ba-do-da!! ( ...clap...clap...clap... )
living in harmony with mother nature...
the noble boar,
the humble bee...
argghh!!! the stinging....the pain!!!!!
this...is not good...

This collection of dialogue is very similar to that within the in-game cutscene played before the Doc Amok segment of Totem Hokum, though with a few minor changes. For one, Cortex doesn't mention the tribesfolk forcing him to crossdress, likely because he willingly stole Coco's clothes to fool Crash at the beginning of the game, and he instead mentions the antics of the Evil Twins seen in prior cutscenes. The last three lines are entirely unused in the final game, as the cutscene ends following Cortex's first scream and cuts to the Doc Amok segment.

welcome to my secret hideout...
crash bandicoot!!!!
this time you will not escape me!!!

It is unknown who this text would be assigned to. The most likely candidate is N-Gin, the only character in the final game with a "secret hideout", but no clarification of this exists.

solve puzzles to earn gems. crash like gems.

On-screen instructions for obtaining gems, likely removed because not all gems require puzzles to be solved to obtain them.

give him something to chew on.
use cortex to clear a path for crash.

Whilst this string is commonly used in Doc-Amok sections (only with Crash clearing a path for Cortex), this reversed variant interestingly goes unused at any point in the game.

race to get to ngin's battleship before it sets sail.

Clearly intended for Slip-Slide Icecapades, but there is no timer for this instruction to correspond to during gameplay.

shoot mme. amberley in the back, like a dog.
use ] to punch.

An interesting command which is present in the demo of the game but removed from the final. It could move Crash forward in addition to serving as an attack, and has the same command as sliding in the final, implying that it was a new spin (pun intended) on the trademark slide.

use spin and ] to super-punch.

A command which was removed fairly early in development, allegedly due to it being too powerful, to the extent where it could break locked crates on its own and cause the ground in the Cortex battle to crumble, akin to one of Cortex's bombs.

use shoulder buttons to strafe sideways.

While strafing is present, this command prompt does not.

use the left analog stick to drive the ufo
use tractor beam to get 10 energy balls in the hopper
press ] over an energy ball to use trator beam~to pick it up or drop it 

Controls for a vehicle which was removed during development, and was to be used by Cortex in a race against ants, as well as for a few puzzles involving energy balls if the text is any indication.

use the left analogue stick to steer the hoverboard~hold r1 to hover higher and slower
tap [ to shoot laser bolts~hold [ for a charged shot
chase and shoot down all the flying saucers~before the blast door opens!

More controls for vehicles that aren't present at all in the final game, this time for a hoverboard (presumably Cortex's). It would have the same shooting capabilities as Cortex's gun.

use left analog stick to control the hover scooter.

Yet another unused vehicle, and more unused text to confirm its existence. It is unknown whether the hover scooter is merely an alternate name for the hoverboard.

normal shots just bounce off those lollipops!~use the charge blast to disarm the teddies

Text that was unmistakably intended for the cut level "Gone a Bit Coco", wherein Cortex was transported inside of Coco's mind by the Psychetron, and has to contend with comically "cutesy" enemies and surroundings. Pictures of this level were taken from early builds of the game, and a developer of the game going by the alias of "FakeNina" provided a script that would've likely been used in a cutscene before the level started:

Dr. Cortex: Interesting. The malfunction has opened a portal into Coco's Brainovial Hyperbarium- the well from which her personality springs, like sugar water.
(with fear in his voice) What pastel-colored horrors await in there, I wonder...

Executable (PS2)


Early text for displaying a boss's hit points. The final game uses a bar more akin to the original games' that isn't hardcoded to the executable.


None of these file extensions, files, and directories are present in the game and are possible debug and/or old leftovers. It is worth noting, however, that the Xbox version has leftover .ptl files for every .rmx/.smx file pair (which are the actual files used). It has the same format as .ptl files from The Wrath of Cortex, although Twinsanity's own particle effects file follows a slightly different format. Some files with some of these extensions can be found in Super Monkey Ball Adventure.


... Huh. Inserted either for humor, or to indicate the back of a character model. Who knows?