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Crash Twinsanity (PlayStation 2, Xbox)

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Title Screen

Crash Twinsanity

Also known as: Crash Bandicoot 5: Crash & Cortex no Yabou?!? (JP)
Developer: Traveller's Tales
Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox
Released in JP: November 9, 2004
Released in US: August 30, 2004
Released in EU: October 8, 2004
Released in AU: October 26, 2004

ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
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MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
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Crash Twinsanity is a very, very, very unfinished game, and as a result a lot of unused content remains on the disc.

To do:
* Finish rewriting, as not much has been done other than the bob and the description.
  • Replace any unnecessary videos with static images.
  • Create a prototype page for the demo included with Official UK PlayStation 2 Magazine Disc 50.
  • Document the many deleted scenes. source
  • Revisional differences.
  • Document leftover remnants of the E3 demo hub world.
  • Document the many levels that were planned but were cut.


Unused Text
Crash 6?

Hidden Graphics

Crashtwinsanity guyhead.png

An image of a man's head that can be found in many .rm* archives. This is used for the yellow rings on the logs on the sides of the boat that takes Crash back and forth from Iceberg Lab.

Unused Animations

By using GameShark codes, the player can access a number of scripts that are unfinished or cannot be seen under normal circumstances. Many of these scripts lack collision or any sort of in-game functionality.















Crash has some attacking animations that may suggest that the game was going to include more deeply engrained combat mechanics, (à la Crash of the Titans), though the traditional spin, slide & belly flop were maintained instead. Attempting the Fireball animation will remove Crash from sight, turning him invisible thanks to a missing model.

It should be noted that "CRASH_PUNCH" & "CRASH_WRESTLE_CREATURE" were explicitly known to be scrapped concepts later on, as the punch animation survived long enough to be eventually included in a demo build of Twinsanity, albeit with the loss of the slide move. Developer FakeNina (Paul Gardner), explains that a wrestling mechanic very similar to the Rollerbrawl function was to be planned for a mini-game on N.Sanity Island, where Crash would have to pin down a blue monkey for long enough to escape its offence.

(Source: Crash Mania)

"CRASH_VEHICLE_GROUND_TRICK_FWD" seems to be related to a scrapped race track dubbed 'Krazy Komodo Crash Course', a parody/tribute to the Sega game OutRun. According to developer SpaceCat (Keith Webb), the other two islands from Crash Bandicoot were going to appear in the game, and the Second Island would have contained this race track. Cortex would sit in the passenger seat complaining about Crash's driving ability. The gimmick of this was that the vehicle had no brakes.

(Source: Crash Mania)

Interestingly enough, "CRASH_JOIN_COOP" suggests that the game was intended to incorporate co-op play to some degree, probably during the levels where Crash and Cortex work together - this is furthered by the "CORTEX_LEAVE_COOP" animation being left in the game as well.

(Source: Crash Mania)






The first of these scripts (which appears to be an effect file for a scrapped Tikimon attack) strangely replaces Cortex's ray gun with a TNT crate, though the effect otherwise plays as normal, because the attack was never finished. The other two scripts reduce Cortex's model to a white shade; the textures for them were never finished. Their names may suggest that Cortex would have mini-games inspired off of these classic arcade games, though they could also just be file naming oddities.

Interestingly enough, "CORTEX_LEAVE_COOP" suggests that the game was intended to incorporate co-op play to some degree, probably during the levels where Crash and Cortex work together - this is furthered by the "CRASH_JOIN_COOP" animation being left in the game as well.

(Source: Crash Mania)

Unused Sounds


To do:
A few voice clips can be heard in this video. There's even more in the Xbox version.

A voice clip of Cortex giving a hint about spinning back the green plasma blasts from the first boss can be found in AMERICAN.MB.

Intended to be used for scenarios when Crash and Cortex are forced to work together. It may have been cut due to proving irritating upon hearing it repeatedly.

A cheeky reference to Naughty Dog, the company that originally created the marsupial to begin with. It very likely would have been used when Cortex "spanked" Crash during rollerbrawl.

Unused Music

Ice Climb

This unused theme immediately follows Iceberg Lab in the game's memory. While no direct confirmation of this is possible, its internal location heavily implies it would've been used for Ice Climb, which reuses Iceberg Lab's theme in the final game.

Iceberg Lab (Sped Up)

A sped-up version of the Iceberg Lab music.

Boiler Room Doom

An unused track originally composed for "Boiler Room Doom". While it does play, it's only for some few seconds in the credits sequence. It has an odd position in the music file, being at the end after almost every ambience sound (this track has ID 136, while the music track before that has ID 64 and corresponds to the final boss music), implying it was only added back to be in the credits scene.

Misplaced Objects

To do:
Add screenshots or videos.
  • In Ant Agony, if you look up while near a pile of boxes you can see a Nitro box oddly floating in the ceiling.
  • Shortly after destroying Dingodile's house, but just before passing the frozen Rhynoc, there's an inaccessible Life Crate on top of the mountain on the right.

Unused Characters

Nina & Cortex

To do:
Get a better video (and a much shorter one at that).

Using glitches and exploits, you can play as Nina with Cortex attached. Due to some of the coding being removed, the game will freeze if you attempt to move unless you move while spinning.

Using glitches, it's possible to achieve an effect similar to this. Nina will be grabbing Cortex but Cortex will act as if he was being grabbed by Crash (pressing X then Circle will throw Cortex while punching at the same time). However, you won't be able to grab Cortex again after throwing him.

Evil Coco

Evil Coco was supposed to be Evil Crash's sister she would've been planned to appear in a cutscene but she was scrapped late into development, she was cut due to time constraints.

CrashTwinsanity-Evilcoco ingame.png

Unused Objects


By using codes or going out-of-bounds, it is possible to activate an invisible, controllable hoverboard. It is extremely buggy, though, and neither Crash or Cortex have animations for riding it.

Version Differences

A Hero's Trailer

The US version features a trailer for Spyro: A Hero's Tail in the extras menu, which is unlocked from the start. It's missing from the PAL and Japanese versions entirely.

FMV Cutscenes

The FMV cutscenes were slowed down for the PlayStation 2 version in PAL regions.

Walrus Chase Glitch

In the chase scene from High Seas Hi-Jinks, Rusty the Walrus runs in a completely lunatic pattern in the Japanese version, often completely turning around at certain points, making the whole experience a lot less difficult and definitely weirder.

Evil Crash Circles Around in Place Glitch

The PlayStation 2 version in PAL and Japanese regions has a notorious glitch where Evil Crash runs around in circles instead of chasing Cortex in Bandicoot Pursuit. This doesn't affect the gameplay, but it does look rather silly.

(Source: Crash Mania)
(Source: Beyond Twinsanity)