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Proto:Crash Twinsanity (PlayStation 2, Xbox)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Crash Twinsanity (PlayStation 2, Xbox).

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E3 2004 Build

This particular demo is notable in that not only was it given out at E3 2004, but also bundled with magazines such as the Official UK PlayStation 2 Magazine Disc 50.

General Differences


  • Crash Twinsanity used to be called Crash Bandicoot Unlimited in PAL version of the demo. When the demo starts, you see some doors opening and the old logo appearing. This logo is different from Unlimited logo released in magazines and websites, in that the word "Unlimited" is in all caps.

Super Punch

  • Crash originally had an extra attack. If you spun and pressed the crouch button, Crash would perform a super punch that slid him forward. The punch was powerful enough to break locked crates and a few objects that you shouldn't be able to destroy.

Idle Animations

  • Crash has a wide variety of idle animations in the final version, but he only had two in the demo: scratching his belly and stretching.

Warp Room

  • The Iceberg Lab acts as a Warp Room in the demo. The difference is that all of the doors open in the demo and lead to different levels.
  • Entering a door reveals a humorous audio description of the level, narrated by Lex Lang (Cortex's voice actor). At the center of the lab, Cortex stands in his chair, surrounded by a force field (so you can't interact with him). The NTSC-U demo, however, has Cortex lying down.
  • You can hear a little humming tune inside the Lab. It isn't present in the final version or in the official soundtrack.
  • The warp feature was only intended for the demo. Worth mentioning is that the levels load very quickly in the demo, much more than in the final version.

Pause Menu

  • The pause menu shows a relic icon. The relics' role in the game and how they were going to work is unknown.
  • The gem order is different too.
  • The icons don't wobble either.
  • The menu also shows that you could get back to the Warp Room (hub).


  • Many lines were redone for the final version of the game. This is most noticeable in the Totem Hokum level, where Cortex has a provisory voice actor. The other levels already feature Lex Lang as his actor, but some lines still sound different.

Skipping Cutscenes

  • You can skip any cutscene in the demo.


  • The life and Wumpa counter have the classic Crash font.

Aku Aku

  • Aku Aku doesn't automatically appear when you start a level or respawn.
  • When you jump, he'll face up (parallel to the ground), and when you get hit, he deflates like a balloon.
  • He has a blue feather, like in most of the previous games, instead of a second red feather like in the final version.
  • He protects you from TNT and Nitro explosions.


  • A lot of gems are misplaced or missing.

Prize Confirmation

  • Whenever you get a gem or a crystal, the respective icon won't show up on screen.

Level Differences

  • Jungle Bungle has a turtle enemy with a spike-covered shell. This enemy appears to be finished, as it has a full set of animations and unique sound clips.

(Source: Crash Mania)