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Proto:Crash Bandicoot: Warped

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

There were many demos of the game released before its official launch. Four full prototypes of the game were found.

To do:
NTSC-J Orient Express


Test Drive Demo
The earliest publicy playable version of the game. Under Pressure and Midnight Run are playable.
Spyro The Dragon Demo
A secret demo with Tell No Tales, accessible in Spyro the Dragon via a cheat code. Two versions of this demo exist; the NTSC version and the PAL version, where the PAL one is from a very late build.
"Alpha Demonstration"
A preview version of the game copied August 15th, 1998. Two months before the final NTSC build, it features many differences.
Gee Wiz Demo
A slightly late demo which released in PAL regions.
Late Demo
A late demo build present in many demo disc compilations. Either Under Pressure or Midnight Run are (again) playable, depending on the disc.
August 26th, 1998 build
A preview version dated around a month and a half before the final NTSC build. Still with missing stuff and many differences.
September 26th, 1998 build
A review version dated around two weeks before the final NTSC build.
October 11th, 1998 build
A release candidate used as review, almost identical to the final NTSC build.
NTSC-J Demo Disc
A demo disc of the first warp room with little to no differences to the final game.