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Crazy Frog Collectables: Art School

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Title Screen

Crazy Frog Collectables: Art School

Based on: Paint by DS
Developer: New[1]
Publisher: Turtle Games[2]
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in EU: February 5, 2008[2]

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Crazy Frog Collectables: Art School is the Paint by DS series' most inexplicable entry. In it, you color in bizarre renders of characters from the Annoying Thingverse - 38 in total, the most of any entry in the series - and play the exact same minigames from the first game, as Art School is just a low-effort reskin of it.

A second entry, Crazy Frog Collectables: Faces, was shelved due to Mercury Games' bankruptcy. It would emerge a couple years later as a non-licensed DSiWare title named Crazy Cheebo: Puzzle Party.

Unused Graphics

PaintByDSMV MercuryGames.png

test/mercury_games is an unused logo for Mercury Games. While Mercury did technically publish this game, it was under their Turtle Games brand, resulting in the latter's logo being used in the game's copyright screens.

CrazyFrogCollectables UnusedTitlePic.png

EN/add_data/title/in_title_pic is a leftover title screen graphic from the first Paint by DS.

CrazyFrogCollectables StaffList.png

Speaking of, EN/add_data/staff_role/stf is the aforementioned game's credits list, complete with unchanged logos. Crazy Frog Collectables removed the credits option from the main menu.

Unused Used
PaintByDS EarlyJapanTitle.png PaintByDS FinalJapanTitle.png

The folders arai and JP/suda still contain title_01_1 and title_01_2, graphics for an early version of the first game's Japanese title screen. The font for the title's first half was changed, a DS was added to the end of the second half, and copyright information for Ertain was added to the bottom screen.

PaintByDS TrialTitleRedEU.png PaintByDS TrialTitleBlueEU.png PaintByDS TrialTitleGreenEU.png

The unused trial version screens (in localized flavor) were also not removed.

PaintByDS TestMenuBG.png

The folder suda contains test_menu, an off-white screen with めぃん (main) written in red.