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Cruelty Squad

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Title Screen

Cruelty Squad

Developer: Consumer Softproducts
Publisher: Consumer Softproducts
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: June 16, 2021

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

This article is a work in progress.
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To do:
  • Document pre-release videos found on the Consumer Softproducts Twitter.
  • Document Early Access differences, including different ammo counter and different Grappendix physics.

Cruelty Squad is a first-person shooter developed by Consumer Softproducts.

Unused Test Levels

Alongside the regular levels, there exists multiple unused test levels. Attempting to load any of these in place of a regular level will crash the game. However, they can still be loaded and viewed in the Godot editor.


CruS-Test Level.png

A very large, flat plane with a large sphere and large cylinder in the distance. A singular, undefined enemy is in front of the player start.


CruS-Test Level2.png

Once again, a large, flat plane with undefined enemies in front of the player start. This level seems to be a test of Godot's geometry tools. Notably, the three enemies are named "Soul", "Soul2", and "Soul3".

A duplicate of this file can also be found as Test_Level3.tscn.


CruS-Real Test Level.png CruS-Real Test Level2.png

The most up-to-date, real test level. It features a singular floating fish(?), defined lighting, and multiple generic security grunts behind a wall not too far from the player spawn.

Unused Graphics

Unused Weapon Graphics

Within Textures/Menu/Weapons_Profile exists unused outlines for a few of the weapons in the game. According to the folder name, it may have been for a customizable weapons profile system that was later scrapped in favor of the two weapon slot system.




CruS-S SMG.png






The Minecraft logo is hidden in the Textures folder, and was used as a joke placeholder when the game's UI was being worked on.

(Source: villecallio on Twitter)



Found in Textures/Menu is a strange green mockup of the game's main character. Purpose is unknown.

(Source: Kyeki)

Unused Music


According to the name, this stock music may have been a placeholder for the music in Mall Madness. The actual song is Kevin MacLeod - Glitter Blast.


Ambient track with extremely similar instrumentation to the music used in Bog Business.

(Source: Kyeki)

Unused Text

Unused Weapon Ammo Types

Every weapon has a unique ammo type when you pick it up. Some weapons, however, are unable to be picked up in normal gameplay and thus have unused ammo types. These are found in Scripts/weapon.gd.

Animal Tranquilizer, 12 Gauge Shockforce

These ammo types are for the SNOOZFEST Animal Control Pistol and the Raymond Shocktroop Tactical, respectively.

While not technically unused, some ammo types are not easily accessible as said weapons only appear once.

.22 LR, DNA Scrambler, Fuel, Thrngnrngnrxnon

These ammo types are for the Zippy 3000, DNA Scrambler, Flamethrower, and Abscess Ironwork Lux, respectively.

(Source: Kyeki)