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Cut the Rope Time Travel (HTML5)

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Cut the Rope Time Travel

Developers: ZeptoLab, Microsoft
Platform: HTML5

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Cut the Rope Time Travel is a cut-down version of the hit sequel to the mobile game. It was yet another tech demo to show how capable HTML5 could be, particularly in Internet Explorer 9. It's still perfectly playable in any browser, though.

Debugging Stuff

Although a "debugMode" variable exists in the source code, it does not appear to have any effect on the game as it only effects the sound manager.

Texts for errors and the physics system can be found inside the Javascript code:

Image not loaded: 
Image not yet loaded:
Font not yet loaded:
Missing menu string for id:
Sound exception:
No sound loaded:
Constraint System Log:
-- Point:
---- Constraint: 
Missing tutorial text

Similarly to the prequel of the HTML5 "demo", there is an FPS display in the bottom left corner. Setting the value hC to true will enable it. Same for the build date display via setting the pq value to true, displaying on the opposite side.

Developer "cheats"

Not mentioned as cheats are unlocking all the boxes via the Vh value being true, this also allows locked levels to be selected and excludes the pinned Internet Explorer box.