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Data:Rhythm Tengoku (Game Boy Advance)

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This page contains info on data for the game Rhythm Tengoku (Game Boy Advance).

Soundbank Table

Start Location: AA44FC

General Structure:
24 (0x18) bytes long.
		LENGTH: A DWORD that describes how long the sample is in bytes.
		SAMPLERATE: A DWORD that defines the samplerate of the sample. It is usually 13379 (0x3443).
		PITCH: A DWORD that labels the pitch of the sample. The label of the sample must match the actual pitch of the sample.
			(12*n) + 0 = C
			(12*n) + 1 = C#
			(12*n) + 2 = D
			(12*n) + 3 = D#
			(12*n) + 4 = E
			(12*n) + 5 = F
			(12*n) + 6 = F#
			(12*n) + 7 = G
			(12*n) + 8 = G#
			(12*n) + 9 = A
			(12*n) + 10 = A#
			(12*n) + 11 = B
		LOOPPOINTS/LOOPPOINTL: Two DWORDs that describe the start and end of a looppoint, in bytes, respectively. 
			*Still researching
		START: A pointer pointing to the start of the sample in GBA terms, a DWORD that tells the location of the SFX in bytes.

(Source: Malalaika#3141 on the RHModding Discord (Invite))