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Data:Star Fox

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This page contains info on data for the game Star Fox.

Region Map

The following map applies to Star Fox version 1.0.

To do:
3D Objects span approximately 3 banks. Need to remember which ones.
Address Size (bytes) Description
01:8000 Approx half of bank Super FX code
02:8000 22977 Routines copied to RAM (7E:B193). Includes IRQ Vector.*
03:8000 At least 5000 bytes Main game control
04:8000 To approx Bank 9 Auxilary routines
0D:8000 Data bank used to populate RAM linked lists used by Super FX
12:8000 65536 Textures
18:8000 243685 SPC700 code and data (driver at 18:8020, 10239 bytes)
1F:B7E5 17634 Init Control
  • Star Fox only uses IRQ Vector.

(Source: cr1901)