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Death Trap (Atari ST)

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Title Screen

Death Trap

Developer: Whiz Kids
Publisher: Anco Software
Platform: Atari ST
Released in EU: 1990

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Hidden Message

A message can be seen beginning at offset 1D3A in the .stx dump of the game.

Hello Pirates, we all know you're going to crack this game, but it is so easy for 
you to hold it one or two months and it is so hard for me to to make sure you won't 
crack it that I thought you could hold it for me... 

Even better, as you might think i'm earning an awful lot of money on this game, you 
could hold it for the game itself.

I think you surely recognise it is not the worst you've seen on st, and you should 
know it is an AMIGA port done in 3 WEEKS, where EVERYTHING is EMULATED from AMIGA

But as I Know you you will only laugh stupidly and say : We're gonna crack it anyway, 
because we owe you nothing... I know, but remember that one day you WILL write a game 
(because if you can crack it, it means that you surely can code 68000) like me and 
put all your hopes in it and see it cracked by a bunch of jerks like I was when I was 
younger... Then you'll remember this message. 

But that day, we will swap our roles.

Signed : LORD BLITTER (Mr byte killer).

----------------Pour les francais, apprenez l'anglais et lisez plus haut C'est pas si dur, vous verrez...----------------

The last line translates to "For the French version, learn English and read above. It's not so hard, you"ll see...".

(Source: ggn)