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Deimos Rising

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Title Screen

Deimos Rising

Developer: Swoop Software
Publisher: Ambrosia Software
Platforms: Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X, Windows
Released internationally: December 6, 2001 (Mac OS Classic + X), April 24, 2003 (Windows)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

Deimos Rising is a shmup that improves upon its predecessor (Mars Rising) in many ways.

Hidden Graphics


In both the Mac OS and Windows versions, in the background graphics file for one of the maps ("Industrial 2 Map[inm2].TGA"), there is a certain position where a stationary enemy ground unit is placed in the game. In that position is an Apple logo, rotated at an odd angle. When the unit is destroyed, a destroyed version of its graphic is placed where it was, so this logo is never seen in-game. Shown here is just the relevant section of the map.

Unused Graphics

Deimos Rising-Darwinian Studios.png

Darwinian Studios was a name for Swoop Software, but hasn't been seen since at least 1.0.1. Since then, it is not seen when booting up the game, despite being among the TGAs present in the game.


In later versions of the game, if a registration code is recognized as a pirated/circulated registration code, it will pretend to register the game. However, playing any level and getting half-way through will crash the game. However, the crash dialog box mimics a Classic Mac system's dialog box, even in Mac OS X.