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Destroy All Humans! (2005)

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Title Screen

Destroy All Humans!

Developer: Pandemic Studios
Publisher: THQ
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox
Released in JP: February 22, 2007 (PS2)
Released in US: June 21, 2005
Released in EU: June 24, 2005

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

Aliens are invading Earth and they want to harvest your brain stemǃ

To do:
  • Document the rest of the unused sounds and graphics.
  • Polish this article and/or clarify things if needed.
  • Add differences from the Japanese version


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Graphics

Leftover Invasion Site Icon

DAH InvasionSiteIcons.png

The texture used for the invasion site indicator contains an extra icon of an alien. It is probably the icon that was originally used and the developers left it in in case they ever wanted to switch back to it.

Unused Music

There was originally music that played during the title card of each mission.

Unused Audio


Most of these soundbytes have long gaps of silence due to being intended to be used in cutscenes.

Almost identical to the intro cutscene's audio but the ending features Crypto invading the news station.
Some Orthopox dialogue that was later cut from the intro cutscene.
Crypto hypnotizes a ticket taker in order to get into the Rockwell Fair during Earth Women Are Delicious.
Audio from This Island Suburbia but it seems that all of the dialogue from that mission was originally in a cutscene.
Cut Dialogue from This Island Suburbia.
Majestic agents fail to figure out which Bert Wither is real and the other is a disguised Crypto.
A cutscene from a removed Area 42 mission where a Majestic agent talks to Silhouette about a breach in Hangar 12.
Crypto interrupts the president and gives a message about human brain stems being used for scientific research.
The full speech from President Huffman in "The Lone Gunman". In the final game, Crypto has to kill Huffman in 1 minute and 30 seconds, meaning that the full speech cannot be heard.
Silhouette gives an announcement about America being invaded by aliens.
The same soundbyte previously mentioned but Silhouette uses her disguised voice.
The intro to Silhouette's announcement with her disguised voice.
Dialogue that was cut from the ending cutscene. This can also be heard in the unlockable animatic for it.

Silhouette Dialogue

Scrapped audio that was intended to be used during the final mission. It may have been intended to be much longer.
Same as above.
Same as above.
Same as above.

Orthopox Dialogue

Dialogue from an early version of Destination Earth.
Same as above.
Same as above.
Same as above.
Same as above.
Same as above.
Orthopox referring to a furocom, which might have been a scrapped mechanic.
Alternate dialogue for Earth Women Are Delicious.
A scrapped line from an unknown mission.
An alternate take of the previously mentioned scrapped line.
Another alternate take of the previously mentioned scrapped line.
Alternate dialogue for Citizen Crypto.
Originally during Citizen Crypto, Crypto was tasked to use the radioactive cows to destroy the mayor's vehicle.
A scrapped objective from Teenage Zombies From Outer Space was for Crypto to forcibly move humans to the drive-in.
Same as above.
Dialogue from an early version of This Island Suburbia.
Dialogue from an early version of This Island Suburbia.

Majestic Dialogue

Dialogue from a scrapped Santa Modesta mission where Majestic agents go around the town and warn people to stay inside their homes.
More dialogue from the same mission.


A placeholder for the mission commentary feature, which ended up getting cut entirely.
Orthopox asking Crypto to scan the humans.
A conversation about Farmer Joe and his wife being attacked by aliens. Farmer Joe would later be named Harold Turnipseed in retail.
A conversation about the contestants from the Miss Rockwell tent.
This was most likely was intended for the Alien Pool Party mission.
Same as above.
Same as above.
Same as above.
Two people from Union Town talk about Area 40.
"Oh, you're good!"
A placeholder for an Orthopox speech that never ended up in the game. It might have played during Teenage Zombies From Outer Space.

Sound Effects

A sound that indicated when Crypto was leaving the invasion site.
An UI navigation sound that was used in early builds of the game.
A sound effect that was used for text boxes in early builds.

Unused Text

Build Date

The Xbox version has a build date in its executable at 0x230080.

uses    Xbox release, May  4 2005, 16:53:39 Pandemic Studios

Debug Menu Text

DISCARD.PKG has some leftover text from a debug menu when decompressed.

Toggle Streaming Debugging
Shows pretty graphs and stuff about streaming
Toggle Rendering Information
Fills the screen with rendering jibberish
Toggle Stripping Quality
Programmers are kinky
Toggle LOD Debugging
Debug Level of Detail stuff
Toggle Framerate Counter
Hides the framerate and memory counter
Shows the framerate and memory counter
Land/Take Off UFO
Lands or takes off the UFO
Reset Player
Resets the player position
Force-load Sandbox
Cancel the current mission and return to the Sandbox
Unlock Everything
Unlock all profile keys
Win and complete the mission
You are such a dirty cheater
Lose the mission
What, you're so bad that you can't fail a mission?
I'm such a loser that I had to cheat to lose
Toggle Invulnerability
Invulnerability is on
Invulnerability is off
Toggle unlimited concentration
Infinite conc. is on
Infinite conc. is off
Adjust Awareness
Awareness is currently at level %d, awareness %d
Disable Ludicrous Speed
Enable Ludicrous Speed
Returns movement speed to normal
Boosts movement speed
Toggle Infinite Ammo
Infinite Ammo is on
Infinite Ammo is off
Toggle Infinite Jetpack
Infinite Jetpack is on
Infinite Jetpack is off
Refresh Ammo
Resets the ammo count to be full for all weapons
Toggle Explosion Debugging
Toggles on and off debug meshes for explosion damage
Adjust Framerate Cap
The framerate cap is currently set to %dfps
Adjust Instance Debugging Range
Instance debug range %dm
Scroll through instance debug flags
Disable fading of dead objects
Enable fading of dead objects
Turns off fading of dead objects
Turns on fading of dead objects
Toggle player debug
Toggles player movement debug
Disable Telemetry
Enable Telemetry
Turns off the telemetry details
Turns on the telemetry details
Adjust Actor Debugging Range
AI debug %d
Scroll through actor debug flags
Active flags %s
Toggle Road Debugging
Disable road debugging
Enable road debugging
Scroll through road debug flags
Active flags %s
Toggle Stimulus Debugging
Disable stimulus debugging
Enable stimulus debugging
Cinematic Screener
Toggles cinematic timestamps
Game Camera, No Interface
Hides the interface and activates ubergod mode
Fixed Camera
Not yet implemented
Free Camera2
Move camera and player independently
Free Camera
Activates free camera mode