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Deus Ex/Conversation Comments

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This is a sub-page of Deus Ex.

This list is not exhaustive. Many comments exist just to tell developers how lines loop or to simply give voice actors context for their lines which is obvious for players.


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
Maggie Chow MaggieChow_BarkCriticalDamage Sergeant! Help! Hoping UNATCO troops will hear. Mentions UNATCO troopers in Maggie's apartment, but they're MJ12.
Maggie Chow MaggieChow_BarkGoingForAlarm Sergeant! Move in! The "Sergeant" here would be one of the UNATCO troopers stationed in MC's apartment. Mentions UNATCO troopers in Maggie's apartment, but they're MJ12.


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
Joseph Manderley MeetManderley By the way, did you see what happened to the soldier we sent into the statue? He turned up dead. In this next exchange, Manderley probably suspects that the player killed the UNATCOTroop that was sent to help with the terrorist commander. (The player DID kill him.) But he can't know for certain. Otherwise, the player would have to be arrested and the game would end.
Paul Denton PaulDockChat2 Yes, he was proud. I believe that much. It was nice to have done something for him and Mom. I wish someone could have been there for you. Paul's aside is partly to himself. He has been told by Tracer Tong that his and JC's parents were hired by the military -- that he and JC are genetically engineered.
Kaplan KaplanOutsideBarks There's a new sheriff in town. Sarcastic. He thinks the player is a pussy.
CustodyTroop CustodyTroopBarks I'll take it from here. A UNATCO trooper, male. He takes custody of the Terrorist Commander after JC clears out the Statue of Liberty. Specifically mentions male, as female troops were in development at one point.


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
Anna Navarre AnnaThanks How dare I delay your search for glory. The NSF in the subway station have taken hostages. Free them, but you know our standing orders -- we do not make deals. Use this EMP grenade to disable the electronic detonators of the booby traps. Now we will see who is made of steel. The various changes to Anna'a dialogue in this conversation revolve around references to the grenades. The decision was made that she would give 2 and 1 grenades instead of 3 and 2 grenades.
ClinicMaleBum3 MeetClinicMaleBum3 Who will help the widow's son? (a Masonic passphrase)
Gilbert Renton MeetRenton You better get out of here, Mr. Renton. Terrorists have taken cover inside the hotel. During this scene, Gilbert is being held at gunpoint by terrorists behind the hotel desk. He's nervous and unable to obey JC's order to leave the building. JC can't see the terrorists.
Gilbert Renton RentonWaiting Hey, thanks for the concern! This might be a disguised call for help. He's afraid the player might pass him by without noticing the terrorist.
Gilbert Renton RentonRescuedBarks I should probably go find her. Oh, I don't know. A burst of excitement fading to despair as he considers the dangers of confronting his daughter, the chance that she will just get more angry at his interference.
Janey JaneyThankful You the guy that helped Sandra? In one particular circumstance, this conversation could be quite long, but most paths through it should be reasonable.
Joe Greene MeetJoeGreen2 Splendid. I certainly would like to know what an international antiterrorist organization expects to find in a dive like this. I faught the urge to insert a Choice in this conversation but went ahead and did it. The idea is that if JC is persistent about spilling the beans to the press (and to an MJ-12 operative at that) he will catch some heat from Manderley -- which could be a hint that Joe Green will betray him to MJ-12 later. Also, it might be cool if JC is quoted in a news story that the player finds only if he has talked to Joe Green. We'll see how much of the above pans out. Joe Greene uses the old version of his name.
Jordan Shea JordanSheaConvos Yeah. Ex-UNATCO, what's it to you? The "augmentation" issue really hits a nerve. Jordan is pissed-off and sarcastic at this point. The augmentations were much more noticeable in development, as seen in the pre-release images.
Veteran VeteranBarks I seen a lot of battles, blessed be our Lord, back in the Northwest War. Didn't have uniforms back then, just a shotgun and all the shells you could carry. The NSF sure has grown up, praise Heaven. They got organization now. Listen to me, young sir. I can tell you: that's what lost it for us last time, what the government's always been good at and we haven't. But it looks like the boys got some discipline this time around, and your men better take note. That's right. Stand up, wipe your noses, and take note. You got yourselves a -- hail Jesus! -- you got yourselves a rebellion! The long bark is kind of an experiment. The player can walk away at any time. According to Al, the text will vanish from the screen when the player gets out of hearing range. These cycle and repeat the last. "Al" being Albert Yarusso, who made the ConEdit program and conversation system.


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
Joseph Manderley AnnaManderley2 I'll definitely consider it, but first we've got to find Lebedev. This branch disabled.
Anna Navarre AnnaManderley2 And do not worry about Lebedev. We will find him. This branch disabled.
Joseph Manderley AnnaManderley2 We will, yes... This branch disabled.
Joseph Manderley AnnaManderley2 ... if the esteemed Agent Denton would get his ass to New York. This branch disabled.
Man in Black MeetMiB Mr. Denton. This guy is an MiB, a la the Matrix.
JC Denton M03MeetGunther Yeah, well... There was shooting on the 747. I didn't see what happened. Maybe Anna beat you to it. I reworded this line to make JC sound obviously nervous. He just killed Anna, Gunther's partner.
JC Denton InjuredTrooper1Barks Thanks for the help out there. Deleted. JC is not supposed to talk and non-cinematic mode.
Juan Lebedev OverhearLebedev It's Paul's brother. The player overhears this through a speaker. Tong and Lebedev are talking to each other over an encrypted Internet audio connection. Possibly intended for on the plane but cut?
Juan Lebedev LebedevBarks Go! Before they catch you standing over your partner's dead body. This line has been disabled. It may get reworded if other changes are made to Lebedev. Possibly also cut because Anna explodes, leaving no body.
Juan Lebedev LebedevBarks I surrender! This is shouted out quickly - he has to get this said in order to stop JC from gunning him down immediately.
El Rey ElReyScared Thass all I got, man! In a complete panic. The LAM is all he's got to trade for his life. He has no choice but to fight.
JC Denton ElReyScared I have to drop something. Heh-heh. Hold on. Nervous, embarrassed. He's been trying to be a tough guy and now doesn't have room for the LAM he got El Rey to give him.
ThugWoman3 GangMemberFemale1Barks Hey, cut it out! The player is "frobbing" her... Oooo, baby.... Frobbing refers to using via right click.
UNATCO Trooper TroopBarks2 Gunther's full of it. Earlier tonight, in the Statue, I bet you had at least a half-dozen takedowns. At least. I toggle back-and-forth between conversations TroopBarks1 and TroopBark2 by using the flag M03TrooperBarkHack. TroopBarks2 were for UNATCOTroopFemale. When the model was cut, I thought it would be easier to switch between conversations than to copy everything together one Event at a time. The only evidence of female UNATCO troopers existing at one point and being cut.


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
Alex Jacobson M04MeetAlex A lot of surprises this time. Paul... a terrorist. Wow. NOTE: Alex defects in the next mission, so he's already starting to doubt UNATCO at this point.
CokeTroop CokeTroopBarks I thought you were going to Hong Kong. Slightly suspicious. The player is supposed to be on his way. Unused character, coke troop refers to a UNATCO trooper outside the secret Battery Park vending machine, which is inaccessible in chapter 4 as the chapter was intended to be started here, but was redesigned to only be the end.
Gunther Hermann GuntherShowdown There is no escape. You will surrender. This is where JC come up from the Subway in BP and confronts Gunther. Gunter is standing over Paul's body. No such thing, Paul does not appear in Battery Park, and is likely to have "died" in the hotel (which won't be seen), for Paul to be here his body would've had to be transported there somehow faster than the player.
Jaime Reyes M04MeetJaime2 Paul said UNATCO uses the Ambrosia supply to influence national governments. What do you think about that? Gunther will (probably) be walking off when this conversation starts, so JC will speak in a slightly lower, confidential tone at first. Gunther isn't here, Jaime is instead talking to Walton Simons.
Jock JockBatteryPark You better get to the 'Ton. I disabled this last bark because now the player gets dropped off on top of the hotel.
JoJo Fine JoJoAloneBarks Yeah, I know Paul. Accidentally wrote too many barks. Use as needed. No technical reason for "too many barks", likely a work limit.
JoJo Fine JoJoAndGilbertOverheard Me vale. I tol'ju: what I need's a quiet place to lay low. I've read that "me vale" can mean "I don't give a fuck," but a native speaker should verify this.
JoJo Fine JoJoAndSandraOverheard Come on, teardrop. Vamos a caminar. My understanding is that "estar fleteando por las calles" means "cruising the streets." A native-speaker should check my usage. Line seems to have been rewrote.
Joseph Manderley ManderleyDebriefing03 Here. Take your op bonus. 1000. No use splitting hairs this time. Impatient, angry. The player killed one of his agents.
Joseph Manderley ManderleyDebriefing03 No shit. What the hell happened in there? Really pissed. The player killed one of his best agents. Implies Manderley knew that JC killed Navarre, but is covering for him.
Paul Denton PaulDuringAttack Take care of yourself. Emphasis on "yourself" -- as in "not me". No emphasis added.
Paul Denton PaulInjured (groans) In all of Paul's scenes during Mission 04. he should speak as though he is in severe (but not overwhelming) pain. The ellipses in this conversation make it obvious where he might be forced to pause, but there may be cases, especially during the barks, where the lines look like they should be read glibly and easily but should retain a bit of suffering, for consistency.
Paul Denton PaulInjured (groans) (groans as he gets to his feet) Perhaps during development sitting characters had to stand to talk, but in the final product they're able to talk while sitting, leaving this line a bit out of context.
Man in Black TalkedToPaulAfterMessage Agent JC Denton. Please put down your weapons and step into the hallway. Loud knock on the door; mix it in with the following line of dialogue. (?) No knocking.
Man in Black TalkedToPaulAfterMessage Open up! A louder knock. No knocking.
Smuggler M04SmugglerBarks I heard shooting. Hey, I'm on your side, but I'm not gonna take on UNATCO. This line will almost never get played, but we have to catch this case. And they're right, this line only plays if the player decides to visit Smuggler after the raid. A similar line exists for Greene in the same situation, which gives better context to his chapter 8 confrontation.
TrooperTalking1 M04TroopersOverheard Yeah, like Nietzche. He should mispronounce Nietzche as "Neechee."
Veteran M04VeteranBarks Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will stretch out mine hand upon the Philistines. And they shall know my name is the Lord when I raise my vengeance upon them. Here's Tarentino's version of Ezekiel 25:17 -- "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he how in the name of charity and good will shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness. For he is truly his brother's keeper, and the father of lost children. And I will strike down thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to destroy my brother. And they shall know my name is the lord when I raise my vengeance upon them."


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
Alex Jacobson DL_SeeManderley Manderley is pleased that you followed orders. He wants to see you. At this point, Alex is beginning to lose faith in UNATCO. His commendation of JC should be pretty flat..


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
Janice Reed M05JaniceBark1 JC! (screams, exclaims, then shouts a warning to Manderley) No scream.
Doctor Moreau MeetDoctorMoreau My goodness! Mr. Denton... Did you escape? MJ12 guards *might be* nearby, so Doctor Moreau has to talk quietly. He is being held against his will and is being forced to do research for MJ-12. These lines are said at normal volume.
ChattingMJ12 ChattingMJ12Overheard Long as I'm with you. Emphasis on "I'm". Not actually emphasized.


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
Daedalus DL_PaulDead Datavault image sent to Tracer Tong. Objective complete. Now exit the facility. The code to the exit door is 1125. A sound effect for the transmission of the datavault? No sound effect was implemented.


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
BarSailor BarSailorBarks Shake it! Carousing Russian sailors. Might be cool to have an ambient piece of audio that is a group of Russians sailors carousing quietly among themselves, such that these barks are an occasional burst above the din. (?) Not implemented.
Mercedes ClubMercedesConvo1 Hey, man. Where ya from? The 3D models for Mercedes and Tessa are Caucasian, so maybe they're from Australia. If that doesn't work, change the accent and change the dialogue to match it.
Maggie Chow MeetMaggie ... in the flesh. As dark and serious as his brother. Note that Maggie is lying - she doesn't even know Paul, and she stole the sword herself. She only learned a few minutes ago that JC was coming. She read his file, and now she is improvising skillfully, if a little desperately. If anyone needed proof that an MJ12 actress is acting and doesn't actually know Paul.
Maggie Chow MeetMaggie Then you must think for yourself. In Hong Kong the truth is seldom kept in plain sight. Maggie walks to the window. Moving during a conversation isn't supported.


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
JC Denton M08MeetHarleyFilben Right, the Illuminati... I need to find one of their leaders, Stanton Dowd. A load of plague virus is on its way to New York. JC is convinced of the existence of the Illuminati, but he may still find the knowledge a little hard to swallow.
Jordan Shea M08JordanSheaConvos What do you want? Prices have tripled to 30 because of martial law. Jordan Shea is pretty rude during these convos. He knows player left UNATCO and is himself a UNATCO supporter. Shea is referred to as male in the comment, as she once was in development.


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
Daedalus DL_EntryDaedalus Incorrect inform -- ps -al || attach. Streets clear. No danger. Maybe the "ps -al" is just static (a Unix command), while "attach" is the faint voice of Icarus. (?) This is the first time the Icarus AI is heard in the game. Icarus' voice is not heard here, Icarus is first heard in chapter 10.


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
DoorGuard DoorGuardBarks They gave the ramp key to the foreman. I think his locker's just up the hall. (under his voice, not quite a whisper) This line is said normally.
Mechanic1 Mechanic1Barks You supposed to be taking over 'round here? Mechanic1 is meant to have a Northeastern/Maine accent.
Ops1Dummy Ops1DummyOverheard One more time. This exact dialogue is duplicated in Ops1 -- Ops1Overheard. The difference is that this conversation is heard over a loudspeaker, whereas the other one is overheard in the room where the announcers are sitting. This version of the conversation is unused, this level has no loudspeakers, nor is such a mechanic ever used.


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
Jock DL_Problem Whoa! Big problem. Someone set up an EM disruption field -- my controls are all over the place. The source seems to be a small building just inside the cemetery gate. Take out the field generator or its power source or I won't be able to land. Jock partly loses control of the helicopter at the beginning of this. That's why he says "whoa!"
Tracer Tong DL_Scuttled That does it. The ship is sinking. Jock is touching down on the roof and will take you to Stanton Dowd. Dowd has determined who engineered the virus. Tong just detonated the charges that destroy the ship. "Yeeow!" could be any exclamation that fits his voice. Tong does not detonate charges, the player blows up the welds themselves. Tong does not say "Yeeow!" either.
Tracer Tong DL_ShipExit I show alarms active everywhere and bulkheads closing. Get out of there now. At the west end of the dock is a maintenance door to the air conditioning system. A ladder will take you into the ventilation channels. Jock is waiting on the roof. I detect alarms going off all over the base. Doors and bulkheads are being closed off. Your only exit is the air conditioning system. Get off the ship and you will find the air system maintenance door at the west end of the dock. Use the ladder inside to get into the air system. A seemingly old version of the line.


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
Icarus IcarusCalls Yes... a New Age. Too bad you will not be alive to see it. Maybe have a phone-click sound that the end of this bit of audio -- Icarus hanging up. No such click.
Aimee AimeeBarks I... didn't know. How could I know? In the following, this crazy cat-owning woman mutters to herself, bemoaning the loss of certain cats, who were either eaten by greazels or zapped by radiation in the Catacombs. Uses the old name for greasels.
Aimee AimeeBarks I... didn't know. How could I know? Original spec: "aimee (the crazy french woman who lives in ruins with all her cats) needs to be capable of imparting the code: 0001."
Aimee MeetAimee I tried to stop them! I tried! This is a crazy woman with a lot of cats. She talks about how her cats were killed in the catacombs. However, in this first conversation, the player might be led to believe that she's talking about her children.
Cassandra CassandraBarks Great jacket. Très chic. Make sure I used this phrase correctly.
Cassandra MeetCassandra What else do you want to know? Sorry -- Cassandra should say this line. In the initial dump of the script, this line was mistakenly given to JC.
O OBarks If you're looking for that crook with the weapons, he lives next door. This woman is based on "O" from The Story of O, a French novel.
Pierre MeetSilhouette_FemaleChild Who are you? I was originally told that this person was a "female child," but apparently he is not. His name is Pierre. The game has no models for female children, so maybe they had at one point and were cut.


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
Tracer Tong DL_apartments These flats go for about five thousand. Almost as bad as Hong Kong. Throughout Mission 10 and Mission 11, Tong should show subtle signs of being infected with Gray Death: fatigue, a sniffle, a weak voice -- but only occasional signs, nothing too distracting. An explicit "cough" has been defined only for two DL's -- DL's the player will definitely hear. Despite the comment they fail to do this, only one line does this.
Tracer Tong DL_reached_computer Some kind of giant routing station, not on any telecom map I've ever seen. Petabytes of transmissions. Beth Duclare probably used it to analyze Net traffic... This is the other place where Tong is very obviously ill. He should probably clear his throat during the middle of this and degenerate into a hacking cough when the line is over. Despite the comment, they don't show any signs of Tong being ill here, leaving only the first infolink of the chapter to show it.


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
Jock TakeOff The fuel system... Hmmm. Now that you mention it... Wait a minute. This isn't right. (maybe some sound-effects of him rummaging around the cockpit) No such sound effects.
JC Denton M11MeetGunther I know your UNATCO killphrase: Laputan machine. Laputan = luh-POO-tan, I think. It's from Gulliver's Travels. The Laputans are one of the peoples Gulliver visits.
Gunther Hermann M11MeetGunther I -- am not -- a -- machi -- Gunther's brain is being blasted with electricity. He dies at the end of this line. He starts to say "machine" then groans in pain. No grunts.
Lucius DeBeers MeetLuciusDeBeers What are you doing back here? Denton, right? This guy is one hundred fifty years old and lives in a tank of saline, the oldest living member of the Illuminati. He's loud, grumpy, and frustrated about being stuck in a tank. Confirmation on Lucius' age, putting him as born in 1902.
Swelter MeetSwelter What do you want? This guy is startled by the player. Either the player just killed two troops in the other room, or Swelter thinks that the player is one of the MJ12 guys about to give him a hard time for not cooking fast enough. He probably makes some kind of inarticulate exclamation at the start of the line, like "whoa."


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
Bob Page DL_Icarus_aggressive You were just a prototype, Denton, a prototype for me... Maybe Page's comment trails off into a soft, wicked laugh. No laughing.


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
Daedalus DL_HeliosBorn I am... The following two lines devolve into blasts of static as the AI's merge. No static.
Gary Savage DL_TiffanyDead Tiffany! Oh, my poor baby... I can't bear to watch any longer. Get out of there, JC. Thanks for trying. Savage's daughter has just died, as collateral damage, when the player tried to rescue her.


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
Bob Page PageTaunt Always the optimist. You would need an army to attack me at Area 51, and pretty soon -- if the missile is accurate -- your "X-51" will be a thin, gray smudge where Vandenberg used to be. Maybe Page devolves into laughing at the end. No such laughing.
CardPlayer1 ChattingGuards Howard Strong. They want his group to have exclusive access to the silo. These guys are the exact-same MJ12 Troop model, but it might be nice to vary the voices a little, if possible. They are sitting around a table in a guard post.


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
Morgan Everett DL_conveyor_room Page is further down. Find the elevator. Your primary objective is to kill Page, JC. Cut this one? Survived being cut.
Morgan Everett DL_Final_Morgan03 Yes! Yes! The tunnel to Page's area is just downstairs. Kill Page and we will begin to rebuild -- you and I, JC. We will bring together the far-flung fragments of the Illuminati, begin all over again... This can stay where it is, in that room with the blue glass window. This one got cut. The blue window room is the immediate room in the Aquinas Hub, with the medbot.
Bob Page DL_Final_Page03 Don't get your hopes up; my compound is quite secure. A taunt -- used to happen where JC could see Page for the first time through a window. Instead plays when the player is about to enter sector 4.
Bob Page DL_main_control Killing my human agents should be a simple matter for you, but I have other ways of protecting myself. Does this still fit somewhere? Cut, his other ways refers to his UCs creating transgenics.
Morgan Everett DL_Morgan_Missed_Convo Don't trust Tracer Tong. He wants you to destroy Area 51. What we want is to kill Bob Page but preserve the power apparatus. Do that and we will rule the world together, you and I, JC. We can put this planet back together any way we like... Alex hacked the Sector 2 security grid; the code's 8946. Don't waste any time. Drop this where the player will hit it AFTER the Everett hologram conversation. It will play ONLY if the player skipped the hologram conversation. This one is placed in DL_Final_Morgan03's intended location, which is likely a mistake, as it's giving you the codes to sector 2 when you're past it and in sector 3.


Speaker Conversation Line Comment Note
Smuggler MeetSmuggler What do you want? JC has just defeated the Smuggler's security system. The Smuggler is angry and a little scared. I'm not transliterating his accent, but maybe he has kind of a blue-caller New York twang in his voice.