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Development:Half-Life 2 (Windows)

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This page details development materials of Half-Life 2 (Windows).

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Map Sources

All of the map sources for the official maps were leaked. Many of these contain unused visgroups that range from simple removed props, to leftovers from the beta and even entire cut sequences!


Reference Textures


A scanned and flattened photo of Donna van Buren, the reference model for Judith Mossman.


The sky_c17_05 texture found in Counter-Strike: Source, without pink X's on them.


A lot of metal wall textures.

Citizen Texture

A texture sheet for an early version of the Citizen (pre-E3 2004).

Combine Soldier Textures

Two early textures for the Combine Soldiers, one for the 2002 version and the other for an earlier version of the final's Combine Soldier.


An unfinished texture that highly resembles the Half-Life 1 tentacle monster. Its purpose is unknown.

HL2-ShipTentacle temptexture.png




Another metal wall!


A placeholder texture for a cut Combine wall turret.


Combine Guard Gibs

A set of gibs for the Combine Guard, intended to be used when the player damages its armor with the gravity gun.


A naked version of Eli Vance, meant to be used in the Entanglement chapter when he was being held captive by the Combine. One particular thing to note is that this model has no visible genitals.


An elite variant of the Metrocops/Civil Protection. He has a different gas mask from the regular Metrocops and has red accents on his uniform and vest.

HL2-Elite metrocops.png


A folder containing models of the coin and invincibility star from the Mario series, all likely made by employee Ken Birdwell.


A model of a cat with deformed hind legs. Presumably meant to be used for Kleiner's Lab, where Barney has nightmares about it. It has a placeholder grey checkerboard texture.

The cat.


Model sources for the Hydra showcased at E3 2003. The giga-leak also contains models for the "Seer" and "Smacker" parts.

Headcrab Gun

A large cannon, presumably intended to fire headcrab canisters.

Hyper Physgun

The earliest known version of the Physics Gun weapon, dating all the way back to 1999.


The original icon for developer commentary nodes, before being changed to speech bubbles. The commentary nodes being Lambda symbols is mentioned in Lost Coast's developer commentary. The model's textures weren't included with the leak, however.

HL2-Info lambda.png

A model of the Half-Life 2 logo, used at E3.


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  • There are some props that appear on these models' texture sheet, but do not have models of their own.

A couple of never before seen Borealis props were included in the Gigaleak, some of which are the oldest known models made for the game.





A full set of animations for the cut AR1 weapon. Unfortunately they were made for an older version of the model as the animations don't function properly with the one in the repository.