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Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

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Title Screen

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

Developer: Valve
Publisher: Valve
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: October 27, 2005 (Windows), June 27, 2013 (Linux), July 16, 2013 (Mac OS X)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

To do:
Several prototype maps were leaked during the 2016 Facepunch leaks. Document them. They can be downloaded here, and a video giving an overview can be found here.

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast is a demonstration game on the Source Engine's high-dynamic-range rendering capabilities. Originally a tech presentation based on a part of Half-Life 2 that was recycled into its own game.


Ls ministrider.png
Aftermath Leftovers
The earliest Lost Coast build has entities leftover from Half-Life Aftermath before it was split into Episodes.

Unused Textures

All textures seen here were used in previous iterations of the playable map and can be found in lostcoast_pak_dir.vpk/materials/lostcoast/nature/.

Half-Life 2-Lost Coast-dirtfloor002a.png

Half-Life 2-Lost Coast-grassfloor003a.png

rockwall019a.vtf / rockwall019a_height.vtf / rockwall019a_normal.vtf
Half-Life 2-Lost Coast-rockwall019a.pngHalf-Life 2-Lost Coast-rockwall019a height.pngHalf-Life 2-Lost Coast-rockwall019a normal.png

rockwall020a.vtf / rockwall020a_height.vtf / rockwall020a_normal.vtf
Half-Life 2-Lost Coast-rockwall020a.pngHalf-Life 2-Lost Coast-rockwall020a height.pngHalf-Life 2-Lost Coast-rockwall020a normal.png

rockwall020b.vtf (duplicate of rockwall020a.vtf) / rockwall020b_height.vtf / rockwall020b_normal.vtf
Half-Life 2-Lost Coast-rockwall020a.pngHalf-Life 2-Lost Coast-rockwall020b height.pngHalf-Life 2-Lost Coast-rockwall020b normal.png

rockwall022a.vtf / rockwall022a_height.vtf / rockwall022a_normal.vtf
Half-Life 2-Lost Coast-rockwall022a.pngHalf-Life 2-Lost Coast-rockwall022a height.pngHalf-Life 2-Lost Coast-rockwall022a normal.png

sandfloor007a.vtf / sandfloor007a_height.vtf / sandfloor007a_normal.vtf
Half-Life 2-Lost Coast-sandfloor007a.pngHalf-Life 2-Lost Coast-sandfloor007a height.pngHalf-Life 2-Lost Coast-sandfloor007a normal.png

Half-Life 2-Lost Coast-sandfloor007b height.png

Unused Map Models

Two models, a mossy rock and a scaffolding, that are never used in any of the maps provided but rather in previous iterations of them.

Unused Commentary

An unused commentary track detailing how normal maps were used for a rock's texture.

"The rock texture is an example of using normal maps. Our texture artists in the past have just had to be illustrators, mainly use Photoshop, painted the textures by hand, or use photographic reference. But what we're finding now is we're moving into next-generation content we want to have them also have the ability to model the texture in three-dimensions. So, they'll often use a package like XSI to actually build geometry for these rocks. So the normal map is basically taking a high-res, 3D model and rendering that onto a 2D surface. This way we can create the illusion of an object having much higher polycount than it actually does. So, for instance for these rocks, it's completely flat surface, but the normal map is creating the illusion of them bumping up out of the sand."

Unused Fisherman Lines

The Fisherman was originally going to be a lot more talkative and adventurous. (Hint: Hook/Boat puzzle)

Audio Captions (if any)
"That's it. Keep pulling."
"Keep up with me, laddy."
"Slip it over the big hook, laddy."
"Go on, now, pick up the other hook."
"Grab other hook."
"[Huffing and puffing sounds]"
"[Huffing and puffing sounds] I'm gettin' too old for this kinda nonsense..."
"[Sigh of relief as he slips off the strenuous weight]"
"Come on, then."
"Here we go."
"This way now."
"Watch your step."
"Step lightly there, laddy."
"Easy now."
"There you go."
"What's keeping you?"
"Come along now."
"Pick up the pace, lad!"
"This way, lad!"
"Get out of the water!"
"Stay clear of the water!"
"Haven't you had enough of them leeches?"
"The leeches'll eat you soon as look at you!"
"Well, as I was saying..."
"What was I saying? Oh yeah."
"Now, where was I..."
"Hm. Anyway..."
"Well, now, as I was saying..."
"Well, as I was saying before..."
"[Various mumblings]"
"[Whistling and humming]"
"[Coughing, Throat clearing]"
"Well, ain't that shame?"
"Guess I'd better be heading out."
"Well, laddy...guess this just wasn't your day."
"Little too close for comfort!"
"[Breathless panting sounds]"

Missing Fisherman Lines

level_voices_lostcoast.txt contains all of the Fisherman's lines. Most of them referenced in the file are missing from the files and have been listed here. Captions for the nonexistent lines also exist for many of them and also have been added to the list:

Missing File Captions (if any)
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_canyouhearme.wav "Can you hear me?"
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_youallright.wav "Are you all right?"
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_youalive.wav "You're alive!"
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_getup.wav "Get up, lad, we've got to get out of here!"
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_headingout.wav "Everyone's heading out."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_gettoshelter.wav "Let's get you to shelter!"
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_shellingbeach.wav "They'll be shelling this beach before long!"
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_strand.wav "Saw you lying on the strand over here, as I was heading into the bay."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_zombiegun.wav "You must be here to destroy the zombie gun. No other reason to visit St. Olga at a time like this."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_takeyouthere.wav "I'll take you there, lad. Or as far as I can, at any rate."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_stayclosetome.wav "Stay close to me now."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_ontherock.wav "That's her on the rock, up there. Church of St. Olga."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_path.wav "There's a path at the bottom of the cliff. I'll let you through the gate, and then...well, the rest is up to you."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_followmelad.wav "Follow me, lad."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_hurryuplad.wav "Hurry up, lad!"
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_keepclose.wav "Here, now, keep close to me."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_bullsquidtrap.wav "Hold up now...we've got to raise this hatch. We used to trap bullsquid in here."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_hook_take.wav "Here now, I'll grab this hook, you take hold of that other one there."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_hook_nowpull.wav "Fine, laddy. Now...pull."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_hook_thereyougo.wav "There you go."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_hook_thatsit.wav "That's it!"
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_hook_good.wav "Good."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_hook_nicework.wav "Nice work!"
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_beyondrocks.wav "Let's hurry on, then. The gate's just beyond those rocks."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_watchstep.wav "Watch your step there, lad."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_cantprance.wav "Can't prance over these rocks like I used to."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_holdon.wav "Hold on!"
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_hearthat.wav "Did you hear that?"
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_warmingupgun.wav "They're warming up the gun, lad. I'm afraid this is it."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_theresgate.wav "Ah, here's the gate."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_key_notit.wav "That's not it."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_key_notthatone.wav "Hm. Not that one."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_key_notneither.wav "No, that's not it neither."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_key_ahno.wav "Ah! ... No..."
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_waitforme.wav "Wait for me!"
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_slowdown.wav "Slow down, wouldja?"
*lostcoast/vo/fisherman/fish_waitup.wav "Wait up, lad!"


The Fisherman does not have valid ragdoll data, so if he dies, he will just A-pose. Oddly enough, if you interact with a commentary node, the Fisherman will respawn, and stand idling there, forever. This also happens in Garry's Mod, however in Garry's Mod they will not even have a valid hitbox in its A-pose state.