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Proto:Black Mesa

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Black Mesa.

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Title Screen

Proto Final
BMSAlpha5 Title.png BlackMesaTitle2020.png

The title screen is far more basic at this point. The final game also swapped out the static image with 3D background maps.

Proto Final
BMSAlpha5 Title.png BlackMesaTitle2022 OldGameUI.png

A comparison with the "-oldgameui" parameter turned on in the final.


A test map that can be accessed from the main menu. It seems to be the first map of Office Complex, but with missing textures and models.

Weapon Differences


Reuses the Half-Life 2 model.


Reuses its world model from Half-Life, but the viewmodel is completely different.


The world model is the same deal as the pistol, but the view model is unfinished. It also has nigh-infinite ammo.

Proto Final
BMSAlpha5 RPG Vmodel.png


Reuses animations from Half-Life 2, but the model itself is completely different.



A model for an M4 exists in the game files. Its texture contains a signature from its creator, "Sproily".