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Half-Life 2: Episode Two

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Title Screen

Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Developer: Valve
Publishers: Valve, CyberFront (JP)
Electronic Arts (EU)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released in JP: April 4, 2008
Released in US: October 10, 2007 (Windows), May 26, 2010 (Mac OS X), June 27, 2013 (Linux)
Released in EU: April 11, 2008 (Windows), May 26, 2010 (Mac OS X)

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.

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Like Half-Life 2, there are tons of unused models that were either unused or leftovers from the original game, including content from City 17.

Half-Life 2: Episode Two is the third part of the yet-unfinished adventure of Gordon Freeman where Eli Vance prepared for "Unforeseen Consequences".

Unused Textures

Unused Chapter VGUI Icons

HL2 EP2-chapter8.png

Chapter 8. This is early Photoshop work on an image of an early version of ep2_outland_12a as seen from the HUD on the bottom-left corner and an extra Alyx, hence why only concept exists here.

HL2 EP2-chapter0.png

ep2_intro.bsp was supposed to be loaded into the game, but it never appeared for nine entire years, then later got leaked on the Facepunch forums and quickly taken down by mad retail fans.

Both of them can be seen if you create a chapter0.cfg and/or chapter8.cfg in the ep2/cfg folder.


An overview of a removed map called devtest can be found. This map and other devtest maps were found in the NVidia Shield versions of Half-Life 2 and it's episodes.


Early Magnusson

What appears to be an early rendition of Magnusson that can be found under "effects/magmonitor_idle" and "effects/magmonitor_talk".

Hl2-ep2-magmonitor idle.png Frame 1Frame 5Frame 10


A vehicle seen in the gameplay demos, but didn't make it to the retail and was replaced with the Muscle Car. The vehicle resembles the Scout Car from Half-Life 2. The texture and handling files for the Jalopy remain in the retail game files. There are modifications online to restore this car, but the majority of them involves it replacing the Muscle Car.

Jalopy close.jpg HL2 EP2-Jalopy texture.png

Juvenile Advisor

The Barn Advisor originally started life as a Juvenile Advisor. The model seen to the right has been leaked a few times, but it doesn't exist in Episode Two by default. The texture does, however.

Hl2 ep2 juvenile advisor.jpg

HL2 Ep2-combine advisor juvenile.png

Unused Models


Model Render Animation(s)? Notes
HL2-EP2-advisorbarn-linup reference.png linup_reference.mdl:

Has a sequence named "explode" but it's 500 frames of nothing.


Model Render Animation(s)? Notes
HL2-EP2-effects-vol light64x128.png
HL2-EP2-effects-vol light128x128.png vol_light128x128.mdl
HL2-EP2-effects-vol light256x384.png vol_light256x384.mdl


Model Render Animation(s)? Notes
HL2-EP2-map1 bridge-bridgedamageleft.png
HL2-EP2-map1 bridge-bridgedamageright.png bridgedamageright.mdl
HL2-EP2-map1 bridge-test.png test.mdl


Model Render Animation(s)? Notes
HL2-EP2-props c17-gate door03.png
HL2-EP2-props c17-powerbox damaged.png powerbox_damaged.mdl:

The texture for this model and the power box cover are both found in Half-Life 2: Episode One.

HL2-EP2-props c17-powerboxcover damaged.png powerboxcover_damaged.mdl
HL2-EP2-props c17-substation stripebox01b.png substation_stripebox01b.mdl:

Half-Life 2 leftover.


Model Render Animation(s)? Notes
HL2-EP2-props canal-rock riverbed01b.png

Half-Life 2 leftover.


In props_dev, found in the models directory, there is one box which comes in two flavors, the regular cube grid one, and the other being White with a Taste of Testing.

Model Render Animation(s)? Notes
HL2-EP2 regulartestbox.png
HL2-EP2 whitetestbox.png test_whitebox.mdl


Model Render Animation(s)? Notes
HL2-EP2-props forest-circularsaw01.png
HL2-EP2-props forest-fence barb 256.png fence_barb_256.mdl
HL2-EP2-props forest-fence barb 512.png fence_barb_512.mdl
HL2-EP2-props forest-fencebarbedwire01.png fencebarbedwire01.mdl
HL2-EP2-props forest-furnace01pipes.png furnace01pipes.mdl
HL2-EP2-props forest-furnace01pipes02.png furnace01pipes02.mdl
HL2-EP2-props forest-furniture shelf01a.png furniture_shelf01a.mdl:

The texture for this model isn't actually missing, as the render here otherwise suggests.

HL2-EP2-props forest-light outdoor glass.png light_outdoor_glass.mdl
HL2-EP2-props forest-lightfixture01.png lightfixture01.mdl
HL2-EP2-props forest-lightfixture01 base.png lightfixture01_base.mdl
HL2-EP2-props forest-railing endcap.png railing_endcap.mdl
HL2-EP2-props forest-riverlogs.png riverlogs.mdl
HL2-EP2-props forest-sheetrock leaning.png sheetrock_leaning.mdl
HL2-EP2-props forest-spotlight.png spotlight.mdl
HL2-EP2-props forest-stove01.png stove01.mdl
HL2-EP2-props forest-table shed.png table_shed.mdl


Model Render Animation(s)? Notes
HL2-EP2-props hive-egg.png
egg.mdl & egg_phy.mdl
HL2-EP2-props hive-nest sm flat.png nest_sm_flat.mdl
HL2-EP2-props hive-websackceiling02.png
HL2-EP2-props hive-websackceiling04.png
HL2-EP2-props hive-websackceiling05.png


Model Render Animation(s)? Notes
HL2-EP2-props junk-watermelon01.png

Two melons were originally planned for Episode 2 according to the leaked map sources but were cut very late into development


Model Render Animation(s)? Notes
HL2-EP2-props lab-incubatorplug.png
HL2-EP2-props lab-power cable001.png power_cable001.mdl


Model Render Animation(s)? Notes
HL2-EP2-props outland-bridge01.png
HL2-EP2-props outland-bridge01 destruction.png bridge01_destruction.mdl
HL2-EP2-props outland-chandelier.png chandelier.mdl
HL2-EP2-props outland-ep2 train trailer.png ep2_train_trailer.mdl:

This model can be seen in the trailer for Episode Two, where Alyx hangs from it and loses her grip. Its texture and VMT are located inside "materials/models/props_trainstation", if one were to copy-paste these two into a custom props_outland folder located in "materials/models", the textures show up correctly. Why the VMT points towards props_trainstation instead of _outland isn't clear.

HL2-EP2-props outland-generator static01a.png generator_static01a.mdl
HL2-EP2-props outland-haybale.png haybale.mdl


Model Render Animation(s)? Notes
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-boxcar2 damaged1.png
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-boxcar2a.png boxcar2a.mdl
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-diesel.png diesel.mdl
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-passengercar intro01a.png
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-passengercar intro01b.png passengercar_intro01b.mdl:

The part of this model whose texture is missing uses "train_wreck_train001.vmt", but since it points towards the props_outland folder where the texture file isn't located, the pink & black checkerboard appears. A custom VMT with the correct location of the $basetexture fixes the issue.

HL2-EP2-props trainstation-passengercar intro01c.png passengercar_intro01c.mdl
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-passengercar001.png
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-passengercar001 dam01a.png passengercar001_dam01a.mdl
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-passengercar001 dam01b.png passengercar001_dam01b.mdl
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-passengercar001 dam01c.png passengercar001_dam01c.mdl
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-passengercardoor001.png passengercardoor001.mdl
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-tanker damaged1.png tanker_damaged1.mdl
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-train boxcar.png train_boxcar.mdl
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-train003 damaged1.png train003_damaged1.mdl
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-traincar bars001.png traincar_bars001.mdl
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-traincar bars002.png traincar_bars002.mdl
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-traincar bars003.png traincar_bars003.mdl
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-wrecked boxcar panel02.png wrecked_boxcar_panel02.mdl
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-wrecked boxcar panel03.png wrecked_boxcar_panel03.mdl
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-wrecked train panel 03.png wrecked_train_panel_03.mdl
HL2-EP2-props trainstation-wrecked train rack 01.png wrecked_train_rack_01.mdl


Model Render Animation(s)? Notes
HL2-EP2-props vehicles-car001b cluster01.png

These four models of car clusters all use the texture car001b_03, which is not located anywhere in the game files.

HL2-EP2-props vehicles-car001b cluster02.png car001b_cluster02.mdl
HL2-EP2-props vehicles-car001b cluster03.png car001b_cluster03.mdl
HL2-EP2-props vehicles-car001b cluster04.png car001b_cluster04.mdl
HL2-EP2-props vehicles-van001a nodoor physics.png van001a_nodoor_physics.mdl


Model Render Animation(s)? Notes
HL2-EP2-rockslide-rockslide.png rockslide.mdl



Model Render Animation(s)? Notes

The texture is called metalfloor005a, none of which is located inside "materials/models/tanker"

HL2-EP2-tanker-tanker2.png tanker2.mdl



Model Render Animation(s)? Notes
HL2-EP2-vehicle-vehicle engine block.png
HL2-EP2-vehicle-vehicle rich.png vehicle_rich.mdl:

Static copy of the Muscle Car.

Source Particle Benchmark

This is a demo of the new engine improvements, like shadows and particle showers. But people who have dissected the files have found some early content related to Episode Two within. The file level_voices_episode_02.txt shows there were some differences in speeches and that there were two cut rebel characters, Cyril and Fred, both named after science fiction writers Cyril M. Kornbluth and Frederik Pohl.[1]

Combine Advisor Unused Particle Shield

The unused shield.

Found as "advisor_psychic_shield", this unused shield uses the Particle system shown in the Benchmark, but the file is found in the retail version.

Unused Combine Advisor Battle AI

This video shows unused Combine Advisor Battle AI, hinting that Gordon was originally to fight one in Episode Two. However, recreating this behavior requires a rebuild of the game engine to get it to work.

Unused Citadel Explosion Animations

There are various unused explosion animations for the Citadel that are never used in-game. It can be heard at the end of Episode One, but it can't be seen due to the Citadel being a simple skybox card, without animations.

Proto1 Weapon

There exists a sample weapon never compiled in the Source Engine 2007 branch of Episode Two. The only remnants of the weapon are source code referring to it. The compiled version of the weapon itself looks like a 357. Magnum, but in reality is a laser bolt weapon. Changing this string of the weapon script below will look exactly like an AR2, the only difference being it acting like a laser bolt rifle.

"viewmodel"            "models/weapons/v_irifle.mdl"