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Half-Life (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen


Developer: Gearbox Software
Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in US: November 11, 2001
Released in EU: November 30, 2001

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Upgraded with improved graphics and slapped onto a CD, this port of Half-Life also included an extra co-op campaign called Decay in which two female scientists fight to stabilize the situation in Black Mesa during the Resonance Cascade. A fan-made port to the PC version of Half-Life emerged from Ukraine in 2008.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Unused Graphics

Save Icon

Texture Save Icon
HLPS2 lambda.png HLPS2 lambda saveicon.png

The lambda save icon texture has a ring around it that isn't used by the model.

Debug Console

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Confirm if launching the ELF with the -console, -toconsole, or -dev arguments also enables it. If -dev is used, it'll also toggle sv_cheats and developer.
HL1PS2-FIN DebugConsole.png

A debug console can be activated after applying one of the codes below, and pressing ~ with an attached USB keyboard. The same European code applies to all five of the known regional releases.

EUR 00331918 00000000
USA 00331C18 00000000
Demo 0033F618 00000000
(Source: Edness)

Removed Video Display Mode

Within guidef.txt, which contains the sources for the main menu GUI, is the option for a fully functional toggle between PAL/NTSC display modes that is completely commented out. When this is restored and activated, it toggles the game's refresh rate and internal vertical resolution between appropriate PAL and NTSC values.

(Source: supadupaplex)

Unused Map Content

Invisible box

HLPS2 boxzor.png

A fully invisible box is present right after the Osprey section in Code Green. It's internally named "boxzor", and acts just like any other box in the same room.

(Source: Marphy Black)

Unused Sounds

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Voice Outtakes

Since the Half-Life voice cast had to be brought back in to record new lines for Decay, the developers decided to have a bit of fun. According to Randy Pitchford, a special map was made for these, but it doesn't seem to be in the released game data.

Interestingly, these aren't just voice samples - there is a modified scientist model (outtakes_scientist.mdl) that contains a couple of additional animations relating to the name tag and Headcrab lines, and Dr. Keller has a lengthy "surprise" animation to go along with his little Dr. Strangelove tribute.

Sound Clip File Name Dialogue Description
ot01_nametag Can you read my name tag? Presumably just the developers deciding to have a bit of fun.
ot02_nicergraphics Just about... these graphics are really much nicer. Ditto
ot03_lookatme Definitely, I mean, look at me! I can even point now. Ditto
ot04_eyesclosed I'm sorry, I had my eyes closed. These new eyelids are amazing. Ditto
ot05_toilet1 Hey, hey, alright... Which one of you guys locked me in here? Ditto
ot06_gorman1 I'm afraid we will deviating a bit from standard analysis procedures, Gorman. What? Ditto
ot07_gorman2 It's Gordon, jeez. Can't even get the hero's name right. Ditto
ot08_resetthestage What the hell is wrong with our equip-- I'm sorry. Sorry, can we do this again? Reset the stage, please. Ditto
ot09_toilet2 I'm serious now, this has become quite annoying. Ditto
ot10_buttons Any idea what these buttons do? Ditto
ot11_buttons2 Not a clue, just pretend like it's something important. Ditto
ot12_gorman3 Ahh, Gorman, there you are-- Darn it... Let's do it again... Ditto
ot13_headcrab Guys, I need some help here! I'm having a hard time breathing through this thing! Can we take five?! Ditto
ot14_toilet3 Hello, hello? Come on, guys. Ditto
ot15_gorman4 Good morning, Gorman. Crap... nobody tell Gabe, okay? Ditto
ot16_typecasting You know, I'm starting to think that they are typecasting me! Ditto
ot17_particleguy ♪ Particle Guy, Particle Guy, doing the things that a particle might? What's he like? It's not important. Particle Guy. ♪ Ditto
forcefield_b Gordon, I'm very concerned about these electrical force field barriers. What will happen if we have a power outage? This unused line is a nod to USS Darkstar, a high-quality Half-Life mod by Neil Manke that had less-than-high-quality voice acting. According to Randy Pitchford, the Gearbox team thought it'd be funny to re-record some of the lines with the official Scientist actor.
dk_kellerfrog Keller the Frog here with a Muppet newsflash. An unusual voice file lying around in the decay sound file folder. Presumably Jon St. John screwing around.

(Source: Gearbox Software Forums)

Secret Dialog

The eighth mission of Decay, Intensity has a rather obscure alternative dialog that can only be activated within 5 seconds of the mission starting. Once a button is shot in the beginning section of the map, doctor Keller's introductory line changes to be much shorter.

(Source: Marphy Black)
Sound Clip File Name Dialogue Description
dk newstuff Good job for doing previous stuff. Let's get ready to do new stuff. Secret dialogue that appears in the "Intensity" mission.

Unused Messages

Character Information

Inside of Decay's titles.txt is unused biographical information for both protagonists in Decay, which notably have slightly different information compared to other material such as the instructions manual. These would have been likely displayed at the start of the game, but all this information was moved and updated to be in the instructions manual.

According to the titles; Gina Cross is 31 years old, has a Ph.D. in applied physics, and her administrative sponsor is classified.
For comparison, the game's manual states Gina is 25 years old, has a Ph.D. in bioengineering and mechanical engineering, and doctor Keller as the administrative sponsor.

Gina Cross
Female, age 31

Ph.D., Cal Tech, Applied Physics

Hazardous Environment Supervisor

Anomalous Materials Laboratory

Level 4


Colette Green is stated to be 37 years old, has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, and her administrative sponsor is classified.
The manual states Colette is 31 years old, has a Ph.D. in both electrical engineering and robotics, and doctor Keller as the administrative sponsor.

Colette Green
Female, age 37

Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon, Electrical Engineering

Research Associate

Anomalous Materials Laboratory

Level 4



A generic mission success message is defined that is not displayed anywhere, with a tip of the hat to Zero Wing and its memetic opening sequence.



How are you gentlemen !!  You have
successfully completed this mission.

The final mission of Decay, Rift, does not display a message upon completion.


Resonance reversal initiated.


Regional Differences

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Europe has revisioned levels with certain bug fixes.
Careful, you'll lose an eye.
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These changes are shared across all five of the known regional releases (Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy).

Anomalous Materials

A few scientists can no longer be forcibly pushed by the player to open doors or skip sections of the chapter. All 3 scientists in the control room and both scientists right before the test chamber are affected.


The aforementioned secret dialog in the mission Intensity is absent, and can't be triggered.


German releases of Half-Life on PlayStation 2 feature mostly identical censorship to the PC counterpart.

Robot Grunt

Like in the original release, the Human Grunts have been replaced by robots. The model was remade to keep with the game's upgraded visuals. They have the rank insignia of a corporal on their left arm and a white star surrounded by a circle on their chest.

Of interest is that Decay specific lines are simply spoken in the grunt's normal voice instead of having a robotic filter, and they are still reffered to as soldiers by other characters.


Low violence mode is enabled, removing all forms of gibs and blood, and characters fade away whenever they are gibbed. However, Barnacles spew normal human gibs, as the mechanical gibs replacement wasn't ported over.

Like in the original, when a scientist or security guard is killed, they will sit down with their legs crossed and shake their head from side to side in disappointment. Those put into the "sit down" state are still considered solid for a while, and can even be gibbed.

Anomalous Materials

The sitting scientist with a headcrab on his head was completely removed from the map c1a1a.

File Creation Date

Within the .BIN file of each release is a File Creation Date, which contains the Date & Time that the .BIN file was last modified — this information can potentially help for identifying which Date & Time the Master ROM was finished at.

The File Creation Date for the USA release is set to 10/19/2001 at 7:27:37 AM, which is nearly a month before release.