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Hunt Down The Freeman

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Title Screen

Hunt Down The Freeman

Developer: Royal Rudius Entertainment
Publisher: Royal Rudius Entertainment
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: February 24, 2018

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Hunt Down The Freeman was originally envisioned as a Source Filmmaker machinima before turning into a full game. It was heavily criticized for its poorly-written story, disregard for Half-Life design philosophy, myriad of bugs, and for being generally unfinished, subsequently branded as "the worst Half-Life 2 mod ever made".

To add insult to injury, the mod originally cost a wallet-biting $31 in today's money[1], earning it the nickname "Hunt Down The Refund".

To do:
  • A prototype from November 2017 was released by a former dev. It contains maps from throughout development, plus different character models and weapons.
  • Character models:
    • Original National Guardsmen (Either the demo guardsmen or the one similar to demo ones but different)
    • Early Boston Joe (Possibly an earlier version of Joe in the files or a different model)
    • HL2 Beta synths (not the Frankenstein abominations used in the final game)
  • NPCs:
    • HECU
    • Gordon Freeman NPC (intended for a boss battle?)
  • Maps:
    • dev_ending
    • The cut house map
    • Comatose levels in retail game files
  • The "sniper canister"
  • Achievement differences, originally had joke achievements until fixed
  • Add the Rem700 script file in (according to Wheatley the weapon_remington is an early name for the K98 but the script has the Rem700 viewmodel in it, possibly another cut variant of the K98?)
  • The leaked script which contains scenes removed from the final.
  • Revisional history in need, game has been receiving semi-consistent updates since April (fools) 1st 2022.
  • The rebel zombie
  • final fighter.smd in the "materials/4k_nature" folder


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Temporary Voice Files
Temporary voice files that probably were used as placeholders, and were replaced by final ones later in development.
Demo Leftovers
Leftover files from the 2016 demo. The devs didn't even bother to rename them.
Cutscene-Exclusive Models
Models that were used in the cutscenes/SFMs in-game and were never removed.
Unused Models
Unused SFM and non-SFM props (and gibs, too!).
Unused Maps
Developer jokes maps, unused storyline maps, endings, etc.
HDTF-Sigxi 1.png
Unused Weapons
Weapons you never got to hunt down the Freeman with.

Unused Sounds/Music

Two sound files with the same name.

The song that Boris plays on a piano in the cutscene in which Mitchell arrives at the Cremator Factory.

Unknown piano song with unknown origin.

According to one of the developers, these songs were supposed to play during the Ravenholm section, but the idea was scrapped due to encoding problems that caused them to sound like static noise in-game.

The "mitchell" folder contains a remade version of Doctor Breen's speech from Half-Life 2 that was used in the trailer of this game.

Unused Cutscenes

Seven Hour War Timers

During Act 1, several short videos are shown depicting a timer counting the time elapsed since the Seven Hour War began. Of the seven such videos that exist in the files, these four are not used.


This cutscene should play after completing the Cremator Factory level, but it doesn't due to a misspelling in the point_cutscene entity used to play it.

Unused Textures


In the folder "materials\models\weapons\hdtf\m16a2" there's an earlier texture for a glossiness map for the M16. This glossiness map texture can be also found in the 2017 build alongside a matching diffuse and normal map texture. In the "screenshots" folder there are also few screenshots of presumably the M16 with those textures applied.


There are 2 alternative textures for the magnum: one that can be found in the retail and 2017 build, and the other one that's only in the 2017 build. Interestingly, it appears that the bullets are messed up on the viewmodel, but not the worldmodel, suggesting the worldmodel uses an earlier version of the magnum.

Unused NPCs

Black Ops

The only time in the game when these appear is in the intro cutscene where Mitchell kills one of them by himself, so they aren't fought during gameplay. However, two can be found out of bounds in Black Mesa behind a door, making them and the grenades they drop unreachable through normal gameplay.

According to one of the developers they were supposed to be fought during the Black Mesa part, and were cut due to not having unique animations.

The models for the boots and the body were bought of Turbosquid as confirmed by one of the developers.

Winter Survivor

A character wearing identical clothes to Mitchell in act 2 that was either an early design of Mitch in Act 2 or a friendly NPC that was to show up in said act. Weirdly, the shoe laces mesh is applied to the boot texture instead of a separate laces texture. This error can also be seen on the ACT 2 Mitchell model. According to the modeler who made the entire model, Berkan described it as "Mitchell in a winter scene".

Police Zombie

A model of a police zombie can be found in the files. It is unclear where the zombie variant was to show up, but it's assumed to have shown up in act 3.

Zombie boss

Can be spawned by typing "npc_create npc_zombie_boss". It's likely that the zombie was to be a boss in the game judging by its name, but it's unclear in which act. The npc's using the regular HL2 fast zombie model, but a picture was shared by one of the developers of how the zombie boss would have look liked.

Cut Characters


The music that plays in "background3.bik" (the third variation of background in the main menu), per the composer's Soundcloud page, is called "Jaden's Theme". Presumably, the mysterious female person in the 2016 trailer of this game is Jaden. But since she is walking with the Resistance members with bodies of Combine soldiers scattered around, it is apparent that she is not Jaden but an early version of Sasha (Boris's daughter), but... was Jaden the early name for Sasha? We will never know for sure...

Jaden's Theme having a piano in its orchestration can be a reference to Sasha's father, Boris, who can play the piano as shown in one of the game's cutscenes.

Mothership Boss Fight

At the Army Truck escort level (a1c4p2), halfway through the bridge, you were supposed to fight Combine foot soldiers, gunships and a Combine mothership.

Here is a video demonstrating it here (note that the music used here isn't in the game, it was added on by the video creator):

Shared by one of the developers, the mothership was retextured at some point, but the newer texture never got into the retail game.

Retail Unused
HDTF Mothership used.png HDTF Mothership unused.png


  1. For context, with the exception of Black Mesa, most Half Life-adjacent content is either in the $10 - $15 mark, or is downright free.