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Half-Life: Source

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Title Screen

Half-Life: Source

Developer: Valve
Publisher: Valve
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: June 1, 2004 (Windows), October 1, 2013 (Mac OS X, Linux)

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
Oh dear, I do believe I have the vapors.
This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: The Headcrab anus and buttcheeks are back!

Half-Life: Source is a port of Half-Life to the then cutting-edge Source engine. Containing improved water effects, true 3D skyboxes, ragdolls for dead characters, and much better lighting, the game's improvements generally clash (sometimes heavily) with the original art. Add in a lot of bugs that weren't in the original game that have cropped up throughout the game's lifespan, such as the ability to safely destroy an attack helicopter with a mere pistol, and you can see that this port is generally quite inferior to the original game.

It's not a complete waste, though. The game's files contain a lot of unused textures not seen in the original game. Some are from the Half-Life SDK, while others haven't appeared elsewhere. Its general lacklusterness also inspired fans to make their own proper remake of the game in the Source engine, which lead to Black Mesa.


Hls dmc dm3w00 3.png
Environmental Map Textures
You've got your Deathmatch Classic and Team Fortress Classic in my Source engine!

Unused Content from Half-Life

All of the unused content from the original Half-Life is still in this game.

Unused Graphics

Menu background

The background for the Steam version of Half-Life is present. Though, in a incorrect aspect ratio due to being scaled to nearest powers of two. The Source version ditches a static background for real-time backgrounds from in-game maps.

.357 Magnum Revolver Hands

The first person model folder for the .357 Revolver contains several unused arms labeled "python" (the gun the .357 is based off of), including several bare arms.

Alien Controller Gibs

The folder "cntrllrgibs" contains two gibs that would presumably be for special gibs from the Alien Controller. These textures are not found in the SDK.

The textures spell "gib" as "jib", like in Duke Nukem 3D, instead of "gib", like the rest of the game does.


The game contains textures of the Archer, a cut enemy, with its eyes blinking.


Textures exist for a cut enemy called the Charger.


Four variant textures for the unused Chumtoad alien exist. Of note is that all of them have six eyes (three on each side) instead of one large eye, like the Chumtoad in the original game's files.

There are also blinking textures for each of the unused variants.


The folder for the Crowbar's first person model contains some unused textures, including textures that appeared on the Crowbar found in the 1997 Half-Life prototype.

Fly Texture

Hls fly side.png

A texture for a fly that never appears anywhere else can be found in the Source's files.

Female Scientist

The game has textures for an NPC that has no trace of her existing in the final game: the Female Scientist. Curiously, the back of her outfit mentions the "X-Labs", a location mentioned in the loading text for c3a2 in the 1997 Half-Life prototype.

An uncorrected proof of the book Raising the Bar gives more details about this character. She was meant to be an evil NPC in The Communication Center (another area that can be see in the 1997 Half-Life prototype) that would initially appear to be helpful, but then summon the military on the player once they came back from completing the area's objective. While she (and the entire area) were scrapped, she was revived and modified in the form of Half-Life 2‍ '​s Judith Mossman.


An unused face for G-Man is in his texture folder. This texture is a bit larger than the used one. Oddly, this texture can also be found applies to the unused HL1 G-Man model found in Half-Life 2.


The folder for the cut Gasbag model contains two additional textures that do not appear on the Gasbag found in the final game's files.

In addition, the textures used for the Gasbag are split into two different textures files instead of being on a single sheet, like the model found in the final's files does.


Two textures for an older Gina face can be found in the Player and SMG first person model texture folders.


Earlier textures for the Grenade's first person model can be found. These are much shorter than the ones used and have completely different serrations on them.


Hls headcrab buttmap.png

The anus and buttcheeks from the 1997 Headcrab's textures can be found in its texture folder.

Human Assassin

The Human Assassin has three unused textures of her. Two of them are an unused head skin that show some of her actual skin, while the third one is a blonde ponytail that doesn't appear on the used design at all.

She also has all of the textures for the Crossbow's item sprite, which matches pre-release footage of her using a Crossbow instead of a suppressed Pistol.


Hls icthyosaur.png

For some reason, the Icthyosaur's texture folder contains an 1024x1024 render of it without proper textures.


The game has textures for an unused object called "Maw". it appears to have been another alien tech device for Xen, as its folder has two textures from Xen in it.

No model of it exists.


Earlier textures for the Pistol can be found, in all places, the folder for the .357 Magnum Revolver's first person textures.

These textures appear to be later than the one seen in the 1997 prototype, as they have a magazine texture, which the 1997 prototype Pistol doesn't have.


The RPG's world model folder contains textures for an earlier RPG world model.


The folder for the Satchel's first person model contains several unused textures.

The first is a detailed cloth texture. The rest of the unused textures are rough sketches of the Satchel, apparently showing various designs for it (including the one used in the final game).

There is also a strange series of textures found in the Satchel's world model texture folder called "satchel map". They appear to be various black blotches.

Security Guard

The Security Guard has two textures of his vest with blood and a hole in it.

There are also earlier textures used for his hands when he was using his pistol.


The Shotgun's first person model texture folder has textures for an earlier Shotgun model.

The coloring on these textures look similar to the coloring found on the final game's scigun.mdl, suggesting a connection.

SMG Hands

The folder containing the textures for the SMG's first person model contains unused textures showing a bare arm, like in the 1997 prototype. However, the textures were not used in the 1997 prototype itself.


The Snark was going to be able to blink at one point, if some unused textures in the Snark's first person model texture folder are to go by.


Unused textures for the soda shot out by soda machines exist. They are taken from real brands of soda drinks (circa mid 90s).

Interestingly, the Sprite texture is used on a prop that appears during the tram ride in Half-Life: Blue Shift, but it's so far away the texture can only be properly seen with a model viewer.

Team Fortress Classic Sleeve Texture

Hls dm base.png

The folders for the Crowbar, Pistol, and Shotgun have a texture called "dm_base". While unused in Half-Life: Source, they are used as the glove textures for Team Fortress Classic. The models for those weapons do appear in that game.


A folder named Tentacle3 can be found in the game's files. It contains textures used by the Tentacle seen in the 1997 Half-Life prototype, including a "teeth" texture that cannot be found in the model file for the 1997 Tentacle.

Unused Hand Textures

The v_chub, v_hands, and v_squeak folders contain textures for earlier versions of the hands seen on first person models. Most of these show bare hands, while the final game's use gloved hands. These textures can also be found in the Half-Life SDK.

Though seemingly by accident, the earlier red knuckle texture meant to match this version of the HEV suit are used in the final game, which can also be found in the SDK. Meaning the orange version is left unused in many of the texture folders for viewmodels. Whoops!

Water Textures

The water textures form the original game are still in this game's files, but go unused because it uses water made for the Source engine instead.


In 2013, the support for the HD content pack included with Blue Shift was added in it's own folder (hl1_hd). The textures for the HD pack HEV glove oddly contain a signature named "Stone" on the bottom-left.

Unused Models

The game contains a model called "agrunt_gibs1.mdl", which is a piece of an Alien Grunt. This model does not appear in the original game's files.

Due to an error with entities, the model for rats "bigrat.mdl" is rendered unused by accident.

Unused Skybox Textures

The game contains skybox textures for every skybox for the original Half-Life, Team Fortress Classic, Deathmatch Classic, and Counter-Strike. However, all of these except for the regular daytime desert skybox from the original game are not used.

Hidden log file

The root of hl1_pak.dir contains an unused log. It is dated to September 25th, 2004 and mentions running an "unusedcontent.exe".

    Outputting to log.txt
Valve Software - unusedcontent.exe (Sep 25 2004)
--- Compares reslists with actual game content tree to show unreferenced content and stats ---
    Looking for extraneous content...
    Comparing results of resfile (maplist.txt) with files under current directory...
  Mod Name:hl1
Checking for dirlist
  AddCheckdir[ "" ]
  AddCheckdir[ "bin" ]
  AddCheckdir[ "maps" ]
  AddCheckdir[ "materials" ]
  AddCheckdir[ "models" ]
  AddCheckdir[ "scenes" ]
  AddCheckdir[ "scripts" ]
  AddCheckdir[ "sound" ]
  AddCheckdir[ "hl2" ]
  AddIgnoredir[ "reslists" ]
  AddIgnoredir[ "logs" ]
  AddIgnoredir[ "media" ]
  AddIgnoredir[ "downloads" ]
  AddIgnoredir[ "save" ]
  AddIgnoredir[ "screenshots" ]
  AddIgnoredir[ "testscripts" ]
  AddIgnoredir[ "logos" ]
Building whitelist
    +	'unusedcontent.cfg'
    +	'whitelist.cfg'
    +	'gameserverconfig.cfg'
    +	'whitelist_beta.cfg'
    -	'cfg/config.cfg'
    +	'materials/effects/...'
    +	'materials/decals/...'
    +	'materials/console/...'
    +	'materials/vgui/...'
    +	'materials/sprites/...'
    +	'materials/hud/...'
    +	'materials/debug/...'
    +	'materials/shadertest/...'
    +	'materials/engine/...'
    +	'materials/dev/...'
    +	'materials/voice/...'
    +	'materials/environment maps/...'
    +	'materials/halflife/...'
...found 3000 files
...found 6000 files
    +	'sound/combined/...'
    +	'sound/UI/...'
    +	'sound/common/bugreporter_*'
    +	'*.vbsp'
    +	'*.rad'
    +	'models/*.ani'
    +	'maps/graphs/c*.ain'
    +	'maps/graphs/t*.ain'
    +	'reslists/...'
    +	'*.txt'
    +	'*.bat'
    +	'bin\*.dll'
    +	'*.cache'
    +	'maps/soundcache/*.cache'
    +	'sound/ui/...'
  Whitelist resolves to 8201 files (added 8201/removed 0)

Building aggregate file list from resfile output
Parsed 111 reslist files
  Found 1522 new resources (1522 total) in reslists\background02.lst
  Found 180 new resources (789 total) in reslists\background03.lst
  Found 177 new resources (875 total) in reslists\background07.lst
  Found 182 new resources (800 total) in reslists\background12.lst
  Found 128 new resources (740 total) in reslists\background15.lst
  Found 154 new resources (975 total) in reslists\c0a0.lst
  Found 53 new resources (683 total) in reslists\c0a0a.lst
  Found 65 new resources (933 total) in reslists\c0a0b.lst
  Found 126 new resources (819 total) in reslists\c0a0c.lst
  Found 112 new resources (894 total) in reslists\c0a0d.lst
  Found 22 new resources (651 total) in reslists\c0a0e.lst
  Found 225 new resources (1119 total) in reslists\c1a0.lst
  Found 74 new resources (809 total) in reslists\c1a0a.lst
  Found 77 new resources (848 total) in reslists\c1a0b.lst
  Found 84 new resources (861 total) in reslists\c1a0c.lst
  Found 196 new resources (1003 total) in reslists\c1a0d.lst
  Found 128 new resources (1073 total) in reslists\c1a0e.lst
  Found 98 new resources (1034 total) in reslists\c1a1.lst
  Found 30 new resources (1021 total) in reslists\c1a1a.lst
  Found 157 new resources (1135 total) in reslists\c1a1b.lst
  Found 220 new resources (1026 total) in reslists\c1a1c.lst
  Found 22 new resources (658 total) in reslists\c1a1d.lst
  Found 76 new resources (1318 total) in reslists\c1a1f.lst
  Found 7 new resources (705 total) in reslists\c1a1g.lst
  Found 233 new resources (1249 total) in reslists\c1a2.lst
  Found 94 new resources (1051 total) in reslists\c1a2a.lst
  Found 51 new resources (1015 total) in reslists\c1a2b.lst
  Found 137 new resources (1003 total) in reslists\c1a2c.lst
  Found 11 new resources (799 total) in reslists\c1a2d.lst
  Found 201 new resources (1370 total) in reslists\c1a3.lst
  Found 46 new resources (884 total) in reslists\c1a3a.lst
  Found 106 new resources (785 total) in reslists\c1a3b.lst
  Found 31 new resources (776 total) in reslists\c1a3c.lst
  Found 12 new resources (1150 total) in reslists\c1a3d.lst
  Found 59 new resources (987 total) in reslists\c1a4.lst
  Found 71 new resources (990 total) in reslists\c1a4b.lst
  Found 46 new resources (832 total) in reslists\c1a4d.lst
  Found 18 new resources (714 total) in reslists\c1a4e.lst
  Found 42 new resources (1059 total) in reslists\c1a4f.lst
  Found 44 new resources (812 total) in reslists\c1a4g.lst
  Found 27 new resources (1009 total) in reslists\c1a4i.lst
  Found 19 new resources (757 total) in reslists\c1a4j.lst
  Found 26 new resources (771 total) in reslists\c1a4k.lst
  Found 177 new resources (1352 total) in reslists\c2a1.lst
  Found 101 new resources (1097 total) in reslists\c2a1a.lst
  Found 25 new resources (974 total) in reslists\c2a1b.lst
  Found 51 new resources (836 total) in reslists\c2a2.lst
  Found 49 new resources (1111 total) in reslists\c2a2a.lst
  Found 43 new resources (1096 total) in reslists\c2a2b1.lst
  Found 41 new resources (949 total) in reslists\c2a2b2.lst
  Found 9 new resources (1083 total) in reslists\c2a2c.lst
  Found 16 new resources (1065 total) in reslists\c2a2d.lst
  Found 27 new resources (873 total) in reslists\c2a2e.lst
  Found 16 new resources (769 total) in reslists\c2a2f.lst
  Found 34 new resources (966 total) in reslists\c2a2g.lst
  Found 106 new resources (969 total) in reslists\c2a2h.lst
  Found 43 new resources (946 total) in reslists\c2a3.lst
  Found 107 new resources (969 total) in reslists\c2a3a.lst
  Found 34 new resources (1084 total) in reslists\c2a3b.lst
  Found 48 new resources (924 total) in reslists\c2a3c.lst
  Found 91 new resources (942 total) in reslists\c2a3d.lst
  Found 21 new resources (743 total) in reslists\c2a3e.lst
  Found 27 new resources (806 total) in reslists\c2a4.lst
  Found 19 new resources (878 total) in reslists\c2a4a.lst
  Found 31 new resources (939 total) in reslists\c2a4b.lst
  Found 24 new resources (785 total) in reslists\c2a4c.lst
  Found 163 new resources (1094 total) in reslists\c2a4d.lst
  Found 31 new resources (948 total) in reslists\c2a4e.lst
  Found 81 new resources (958 total) in reslists\c2a4f.lst
  Found 19 new resources (900 total) in reslists\c2a4g.lst
  Found 12 new resources (1047 total) in reslists\c2a5.lst
  Found 24 new resources (802 total) in reslists\c2a5a.lst
  Found 39 new resources (883 total) in reslists\c2a5b.lst
  Found 23 new resources (1139 total) in reslists\c2a5c.lst
  Found 20 new resources (947 total) in reslists\c2a5d.lst
  Found 73 new resources (1217 total) in reslists\c2a5e.lst
  Found 44 new resources (1049 total) in reslists\c2a5f.lst
  Found 76 new resources (965 total) in reslists\c2a5g.lst
  Found 26 new resources (926 total) in reslists\c2a5w.lst
  Found 5 new resources (767 total) in reslists\c2a5x.lst
  Found 78 new resources (1392 total) in reslists\c3a1.lst
  Found 22 new resources (1003 total) in reslists\c3a1a.lst
  Found 37 new resources (1122 total) in reslists\c3a1b.lst
  Found 33 new resources (1029 total) in reslists\c3a2.lst
  Found 88 new resources (1099 total) in reslists\c3a2a.lst
  Found 54 new resources (760 total) in reslists\c3a2b.lst
  Found 64 new resources (1162 total) in reslists\c3a2c.lst
  Found 122 new resources (960 total) in reslists\c3a2d.lst
  Found 30 new resources (1075 total) in reslists\c3a2e.lst
  Found 15 new resources (804 total) in reslists\c3a2f.lst
  Found 44 new resources (887 total) in reslists\c4a1.lst
  Found 17 new resources (907 total) in reslists\c4a1a.lst
  Found 42 new resources (995 total) in reslists\c4a1b.lst
  Found 58 new resources (734 total) in reslists\c4a1c.lst
  Found 18 new resources (801 total) in reslists\c4a1d.lst
  Found 14 new resources (729 total) in reslists\c4a1e.lst
  Found 17 new resources (666 total) in reslists\c4a1f.lst
  Found 84 new resources (788 total) in reslists\c4a2.lst
  Found 7 new resources (686 total) in reslists\c4a2a.lst
  Found 33 new resources (738 total) in reslists\c4a2b.lst
  Found 83 new resources (1153 total) in reslists\c4a3.lst
  Found 34 new resources (959 total) in reslists\c5a1.lst
  Found 34 new resources (917 total) in reslists\t0a0.lst
  Found 26 new resources (747 total) in reslists\t0a0a.lst
  Found 16 new resources (813 total) in reslists\t0a0b1.lst
  Found 16 new resources (690 total) in reslists\t0a0b2.lst
  Found 4 new resources (718 total) in reslists\t0a0c.lst
  Found 14 new resources (1022 total) in reslists\t0a0d.lst
  Found 7 new resources (1078 total) in reslists\devtest.lst
  Found 1126 new resources (9052 total) in reslists/all.lst
  Found 0 new resources (1524 total) in reslists/engine.lst
found 9402 files

Building list of all game content files
  Skipping dir cfg
...found 3000 files
...found 6000 files
...found 9000 files
...found 12000 files
  Skipping dir reslists
  Ignoring dir reslists
  Skipping dir resource
  Skipping dir SAVE
  Ignoring dir SAVE
...found 15000 files
  Skipping dir testscripts
  Ignoring dir testscripts
found 16628 files in content tree

Content tree size on disk 835.898 Mb bytes
Found 13259 referenced (4151 whitelist) files in tree, 616.51 Mb bytes
219.39 Mb bytes appear unused
Sorting unreferenced files list...

Building directory summary list...

Generating deletions.bat

File deletion (3369 files, 219.39 Mb)

---------------------------------------- Summary ----------------------------------------
     Referenced                 WhiteListed                Unreferenced                       Total    Directory
        7.56 Mb ( 24.67%)           7.56 Mb ( 24.67%)          23.07 Mb ( 75.33%)          30.63 Mb => dir: bin
      798.94 Kb ( 88.46%)         610.36 Kb ( 67.58%)         104.25 Kb ( 11.54%)         903.19 Kb => dir: 
      369.83 Mb ( 76.86%)          27.04 Mb (  5.62%)         111.33 Mb ( 23.14%)         481.16 Mb => dir: maps
      123.95 Mb ( 65.68%)          32.60 Mb ( 17.27%)          64.78 Mb ( 34.32%)         188.73 Mb => dir: materials
       13.21 Mb ( 63.70%)           0 bytes (  0.00%)           7.53 Mb ( 36.30%)          20.74 Mb => dir: models
        8.68 Mb (100.00%)           8.21 Mb ( 94.56%)           0 bytes (  0.00%)           8.68 Mb => dir: reslists
      811.77 Kb (100.00%)           0 bytes (  0.00%)           0 bytes (  0.00%)         811.77 Kb => dir: save
      321.39 Kb ( 95.27%)           0 bytes (  0.00%)          15.97 Kb (  4.73%)         337.36 Kb => dir: scripts
       91.35 Mb ( 87.91%)         216.22 Kb (  0.21%)          12.56 Mb ( 12.09%)         103.91 Mb => dir: sound
        0 bytes (  0.00%)           0 bytes (  0.00%)         960 bytes (100.00%)         960 bytes => dir: testscripts
      616.51 Mb ( 73.75%)          76.23 Mb (  9.12%)         219.39 Mb ( 26.25%)         835.90 Mb